Bobcat Radio – SxSports Preview

Bobcat Radio

March 5th, 2014
Hosts – Ishmael Johnson, Warren Schorr, Kirk Jones, and Odus Evbagharu
Producer – Skye Wallace
Editor – Ishmael Johnson

Segment 1: Name Drop

– Kayla Montgomery – Mount Tabor High School runner with multiple sclerosis
– Ian Kinsler – Tigers Second Baseman
– Paula Creamer – LPGA Tour and HBSC tour winner
– Knick Fans – Protesting Dolan

Segment 2: Texas State

-Men’s – Senior Day recap and how they can still make the Sun Belt tournament
-Women’s – Senior Day recap and where they stand in the Sun Belt tournament

-Wagner Recap
-Should Texas State start getting Top 25 hype?
-Valparaiso Preview

-Struggles at Gulf Coast Classic
-Texas A&M Preview

Segment 3: SxSports Promo + Basketball


– Ty Hildebrandt – Solid Verbal host (Drones in Sports)
– Spencer Hall – SB Nation Editorial Director and founder (Paid to Play)
– Amy Elliott – Wicker Kittens documentary (Jigsaw Puzzles)

– Crushing Second Screen: Cena, McMahon and Michael Cole talking WWE companion APP, WWE Network, PPVs
– Sports Don’t Look the Same Anymore: John Meyer founder of Statographics, visual statistics (infographics, – interactives) for games, NBA focus
– Notre Dame & Spotify: Christianne Harder Social Media Comm. Manager for ND, how ND uses Spotify playlists to sell tickets, increase website traffic, and show fans the team’s personalities
– Innovation in Big Time CFB – Kliff Kingsbury and George Schroeder USA Today Writer, competing at the highest levels of CFB despite being out-funded

– MVP Talk. Who’s in the top 5 right now?
– What team do you expect to make a run for the playoffs?
– Who’s in the mix for the playoffs?

Segment 4: College Basketball

-#1 Seed Guesses?
-Conference tournament predictions
-Sleeper contenders? Or dark horses?

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