“Wicker Kittens” Embraces Competitive Jigsaw-Puzzling at SxSW

Credit: sxsw.com
Credit: sxsw.com

Documentary film maker Amy C. Elliott was in attendance of SxSW for the premiere of her latest film, Wicker Kittens. The film documents the world of competitive jigsaw-puzzling and follows four teams as they prepare for the St. Paul Winter Carnival contest. The film was directed by Elliott and produced by Mike Scholtz.

Elliott is a Princeton graduate who currently works out of New York. She is also a photographer in addition to directing and her subjects for film revolve around localized themes as evident by her previous film “World’s Largest” which focused on small towns with road side attractions.

Although the sound was a little high at times, possibly due to the room’s volume settings, the film was a very well done feature on the unknown world of jigsaw-puzzling. It documented four teams, the “Champions”, the “Dark Horse”, the “Challengers” and the “Family team” all telling different stories about their time about their journey to the Winter Carnival.

The film was an endearing spotlight of a seemingly satirical subject. Elliott’s goal was to not put the competitors in a situation that would mock their pastime, but project their passion to a larger audience that did not know of its existence.

I got to speak with both Elliott and Valerie, a competitor documented in the film, after the premiere.

Writer Notes:

Elliott was a delight to talk to after the premiere. She was very enthusiastic to not only tell her story, but the story of everyone involved and it was clear that she had a passion for the finished product she put together. I hope to catch her next project whenever it may be since I have thoroughly enjoyed what she has produced thus far.

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