Bobcat Radio – Sweep Street

Bobcat Radio
March 17th, 2014

Hosts: Zachary Covey, Ryan Marcus, & Emily Liberto
Producer: Skye Wallace
Editor: Stacie Herring

Segment 1: Name Drop
– Doug McDermott; Creighton Point Guard
– Ray Allen; Miami Heat Guard
– Granger Studdard; Texas State Baseball Player

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Segment 2: Texas State Talk
– Texas State Men’s Basketball- Finished their season with a loss to Troy and failed to make the Sun Belt Conference tournament
– Texas State Women’s Basketball- Finished the regular season with a win against Troy and lost in the 2nd round of the Sun Belt Conference tournament to No. 1 seed Arkansas State
– Texas State Baseball- A 3-game sweep this past weekend against University of Texas at Arlington
– Texas State Softball- Won 2 out of 3 games this past weekend against UL-Monroe
– All-collegiate talk— Conference tournament finishes as well as NCAA rankings

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Segment 3: Professional Sports
– NBA: The Spurs face the Lakers this Wednesday at 6PM; the Mavericks face the Celtics tonight at 7:30PM ; the Houston Rockets host the Jazz tonight at 7PM

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Photo Credit: http://www.espn,

Segment 4: Final Rant
– NFL: Trades and Free Agency talk
– This day in sports history— Back in 1876, Marshall Jones Brooks became the first person to high jump 6ft. Javier Sotomayor set the current record back in 1993 which was 8.03 feet.

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