Bobcat Radio – Final Four

Bobcat Radio
Bobcat Radio March 31st, 2014

Hosts:Zachary Covey & Ryan Marcus
Producer:Skye Wallace
Editor:Stacie Herring

Segment 1: Name/Team Drop

Frank Kaminsky- Wisconsin Badgers Basketball team
Aaron Harrison- Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team

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Segment 2: Texas State Talk

Texas State Baseball- After coming off of a loss to the Texas Longhorns this past Tuesday, the Texas State Bobcats traveled to Jonesboro, Ark. for a 3-game conference series against Arkansas State. The Bobcats won in the first game, but came up short in the last two.

Texas State Softball- The Bobcats were swept in a 3-game conference series this past weekend by Louisiana-Lafayette. The Bobcats fell 5-2 in the first two games and then lost 8-3 in the final game of the series on Sunday.

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Segment 3: Professional Sports

NCAA Men’s Basketball- March Madness has been all that folks have asked for and more! This past weekend there were plenty of exciting Sweet 16 and Elite 8 matchups. The Final Four is set. Florida will take on UConn while Wisconsin battles Kentucky on the other side of the bracket.

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Segment 4: Final Rant

NBA- The Spurs face the Eastern Conference-leading Indiana Pacers tonight at 6PM; the Mavericks host the Golden State Warriors Tuesday night at 7:30PM; the Houston Rockets travel to take on the Brooklyn Nets tomorrow night at 7PM
NFL News- The Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson this past weekend, Jared Allen will be wearing a Chicago Bears uniform for the next 3 seasons, and Maurice Jones-Drew is heading to Oakland to play for the Raiders.
This Day in Sports History-Back in 1909, baseball rules stated that players who jump contracts were suspended for 5 years. Definitely not the case anymore!
In honor of March Madness, there were several Men’s NCAA Championship game played on March 31st. UCLA beat Kentucky back in 1975, Louisville beat Duke back in 1986, Indiana beat Syracuse a year later in 1987, and Arizona beat Kentucky in 1997.

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