Add of the Week: Cloud Nothings

Written By Allison Johnson


Cloud Nothings just released their fourth album Here and Nowhere Else via independent Washington D.C. label Carpark Records on April 1, 2014. In Cloud Nothings case, it seems each album is better than their last. Here and Nowhere Else displays progressive instrumentation that is both chaotic and mellifluous, along with poignant lyrics. On “Psychic Trauma,” lead singer Dylan Baldi lazily slips into the verse “Try to stop it, try to feel something/ But nothing happens, I stay the same/ Is it alright to end up this way?/Life gets boring, it fades away, ” before emphatically bolting in to the chorus, “I can’t believe that what you’re telling me is true/ My mind is always wasted listening to you.” Listen for new tracks from Here and Nowhere Else now on KTSW 899!

Tracks we’re spinning: “Quieter Today,” “Psychic Trauma,” “No Thoughts”

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