A “Goldy” Diamondback

Written by Caleb Davis

On Sunday evening, July 6th, former Texas State Bobcat Paul Goldschmidt was selected as a National League All Star for the second time in the upcoming Major League Baseball All Star Game that will feature all of the top players at baseball’s most prestigious level. Goldschmidt, often tagged by the nickname of “Goldy”, was a bright spot for the Bobcats during his three-year tenure at Texas State University. Originally from the Woodlands, Goldschmidt holds the school record for career home runs with 36; a capability that did not go unnoticed in his seasons wearing a Texas State jersey.

In an article from 2009 spotlighting the rising star, head baseball coach Ty Harrington states, “There are athletic tools and emotional tools that divide whether you’re going to play in the big leagues or whether you’re not. There are going to be people who have more athletic tools than Paul. But I don’t know that there will be too many more who have the emotional tools that he has.” Five years later he now has gone on to surpass just playing in the big leagues, and has since became one of the most elite players in the game today.

Photo Source: arizonalatinos.com
Photo Source: arizonalatinos.com


Heading into the All Star Break this season Goldschmidt is swinging the bat with a .313 batting average, 16 home runs, and 59 runs batted in. In his four years in the major leagues, he has hit 80 home runs and has a career .294 batting average.

Goldschmidt, currently playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks, is the only Diamondback selected this season, and is the first position player to start for Arizona in the All Star Game since Luis Gonzales appeared on the list of starters in 2001.



Kirk Gibson the Arizona Diamondbacks manager said “I’m sure it’s going to be another one of many… He’s a great choice. There are conversations that are going to go on about whether certain guys were the right choices or not. Paul won’t be one of them. The consensus is he’s earned it. We’ll be excited to see him play.”

Goldschmidt was quoted during his stint in San Marcos saying, “It’s not about the records…I just want to win.” Regardless of how Goldy feels about records, it’s going to be a privelage to watch the first Texas State Bobcat to start in an all star game. Get the win Paul, and as always, Eat Em Up Cats.

Bobcats can find the coverage of the 85th All Star Game on FOX at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday July 15th.

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