Emma Ruth Rundle’s Solo Debut

a3964655753_10Born and based out of Los Angeles Ca. comes forth singer/songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle who incorporates an ethereal sound of acoustic airy ambiance that surrounds her in a mysterious composure and blooms as her songs take listeners into a realm of honest and confessional poetry. Tied to folk, her post-rock and drone textures show a spiritual and contemplative nature. Putting away her past life as a guitarist for the post-rock band Red Sparrows while creating a sound that’s also different from her current band, Marriages, she has recently released her new break-away solo project’s album titled Some Heavy Ocean through Sargent House.

Written and Produced by Kyle Garcia


In this Interview much is covered like the artists background and goes into topics as such as how the new release fell into place and whats new for the musical charisma that is Emma Ruth Rundle.












Emma’s performance at Limelight, San Antonio Tx.

Photograph by Kyle Garcia




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