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Oct. 6, 2014
Hosts – Evan Spielvoge, Ryan Marcus, Kirk Jones

Segment 1: Name Drop

Terrence Franks: Texas State running back
Peyton Manning: Denver Broncos quarterback
Kansas City Royals

Segment 2: Texas State Sports

Texas State Men’s Golf is off this weekend.
Texas State Women’s Golf is in Oklahoma and had a record score on Sunday.
Texas State Women’s Soccer beat Appalachian State on Sunday in overtime, thanks to Jourdan Brown’s goal.
Texas State Football had the nation’s leading rusher in Franks with 284 yards and three touchdowns.

Segment 3: National Sports

The Royals swept the Los Angeles Angels in a three-game to advance to the National League Championship Series.
NCAA football was in full effect as teams in the top 10 were dropping like flies.
NFL: big week for the Cowboys and Patriots

Segment 4: Wrap Up

NFL Patriots answered everyone’s questions.
Andrew Luck moves his team to an about .500 record.
The Dallas Cowboys picked to upset the Seattle Seahawks.

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