San Marcos Nature Center

San Marcos Nature Center’s Native Fall Plant Sale

By Allie Ibarra
News Reporter

San Marcos Nature Center
Courtesy photo.

The San Marcos Nature Center hosts an annual plant sale to promote native plants. Native plants use less water and can handle the hot Texas climate a lot better than non-native species and are able to survive the constant weather changes.

Jenna Winters, Nature Center coordinator, said the plant sale is the primary way the center financially supports itself.

“Any money from the plant sales goes directly back into the Nature Center’s educational program and to making our displays,” Winters said.

The Nature Center is home to various wildlife like tortoises, dragonflies and butterflies. However, the center had to close their butterfly house due to last year’s harsh winter that took a huge hit on the butterfly population.

The Nature Center’s mission is to educate people on native plants and animals. Winters said that now is a perfect time for people to understand the importance of natives during a drought.

“Native plants evolve here in Texas,” she said. “They are designed to live and survive our super hot dry summers. They are a much better choice than buying typical garden plants at a nursery because they are meant to be here.”

Native plants use a lot less water and can quickly revive after a rainfall, making their care easier.

The Nature Center is located off Interstate 35 on Riverside Drive and is open Monday-Saturday.


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