Archie Powell & The Exports - Back In Black

Review: Archie Powell & The Exports – ‘Back In Black’

Album cover for Archie Powell & The Exports' "Back In Black."
Archie Powell & The Exports – “Back In Black”

By Gus Prieto
Music Reviewer

Artist: Archie Powell & The Exports
Album: Back In Black
Released: April 28, 2014
Label: Self Released

Archie Powell, a heartbroken man with plenty of angst, exhibits his and the Exports’ capacity to put together some serious metaphors in their album “Back In Black.” Not only do they capture the dark and lonely emotions of a breakup, but they do so in a very “poetic” way.

With track names like “Everything’s Fu**ed,” “Holes” and “Jump Off A Bridge,” not much else is needed to set the theme for this record. Even though the theme is pessimistic, some of the songs actually sound sort of… fun. “Tattoo On My Brain” is one that has a lot of comparisons like, “… take a needle to my forehead,” which I’m sure is a widely related-to feeling when trying to forget about somebody but can’t. Another example would be “Electrocute My Heart,” although this one actually sounds a little more light-hearted. Hearing “You’re bright and bombastic, you make all these sparks fly and still I survive” kind of takes me back to those sweet and innocent days of hanging with your high school sweetheart.

And even though most of the album is heavy and heart torn, it does end with a nice sound. The album’s last song probably sums up the struggle of getting over a breakup, recalling all the regrets and disappointments, but capturing that feeling you get when you REALLY start moving on. It’s a great closer to this album and really sprinkles down that sunshine on you like if “Everything’s Cool.”


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