The Exorcist movie poster (Father Merrin looking up at Regan's window.)

Favorite Horror Movie: ‘The Exorcist’

"The Exorcist" Movie Poster
“The Exorcist” movie poster. Courtesy photo.

By Adam M. Cook
Web Editor

The Exorcist
Although it was a tough decision to choose between my favorite horror movies, the reigning champion is “The Exorcist.” In my opinion, this is the scariest movie ever created. I am a fan of the horror genre and believe that VERY few movies can even compete with “The Exorcist.” Ask your parents (or guardians) what they think the scariest movie is — there’s a good chance that they’ll say “The Exorcist.”


Movie actress Chris MacNeil is terrified and gravely concerned when her kind, sweet, playful, talkative, young daughter becomes possessed by an entity who later reveals itself to be Satan.


As a last resort, MacNeil turns to a priest, Father Karras, who has questioned his faith after the recent passing of his mother. Karras must regain his faith in order to excavate this powerful force that has taken control of the innocent pre-teen. Upon getting official permission from the church, the priests agree that Karras is unqualified to handle such a righteous ritual alone. With this in mind, the priests call upon the assistance of Father Merrin, an old priest who has had experience in exorcisms. It’s up to the two fearless priests to cast the spirit out of the girl’s body.


This is a religious movie showing the power of God. I am a Christian. (Don’t worry, I am NOT one of those close-minded Christians that presses his/her beliefs onto others.) I mention this because, in order to find a horror movie that will actually scare you, you need to find what triggers your fears. Since I believe that demonic possession is possible, this movie legitimately gives me the chills.

“The Exorcist” contains what I call “nightmare images.” You know, those images that are burned into your memory and keep you up at night? Yeah, well these images flash at random moments of the movie. I am impressed with the placement of these flashers because they are usually incredibly predictable in the horror genre. That’s not the case in this movie.



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