Monday News Rundown (11-10-2014)

By Nestor Vazquez
Web Editor

Alkek Library
Alkek Library. Photo by Mark Alvarez.

President Obama is putting his administration behind an open and free Internet. According to the New York Times, Obama is calling for a strict policy of net neutrality and opposing deals where content providers like Netflix would pay huge amounts to broadband companies for faster access to their customers. Obama is urging the Federal Communications Commission to adopt a strict set of neutrality rules and to treat consumer broadband as a public utility.

A CNN report indicates the U.S. Postal Service is reeling as a breach in cyber security has compromised the information of more than 750,000 employees and retirees. The postal service and FBI are investigating the cyber breach, and postal services are functioning normally. The information of more than 2.9 million postal service customers has also been compromised, and the FBI is advising people who may be impacted to safeguard and take steps to protect their personal information.

The City of San Marcos and Texas State are teaming up to further protect the San Marcos River by launching a new anti-litter campaign. The “Challenge SMTX” campaign is a response to more than 2,500 pounds of litter being removed last summer from the San Marcos River and adjacent parks. Conservation Plan Manager Melani Howard said, “All litter flows to the San Marcos River, and “‘Challenge SMTX’ will help keep our river clean.” People can get involved in the campaign by taking a photo or video that demonstrates them throwing away litter, and use the “Challenge SMTX” hashtag to document your post on any social media outlet.

Maxwell Water Supply customers are being asked to boil their water prior to consumption to ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes. A temporary water outage occurred earlier today from a main water break. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is notifying all residents of Dickerson Road, East of Dickerson Road and any roads connected with Dickerson Road for safety measures.

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