Top 10 Lists of 2014: Janelle Abad

By Janelle Abad
Assistant Music Director

Top 10 Songs of 2014

#1 “Love In High Places” by Kimbra – “The Golden Echo”

#2 “Black Out Days” by Phantogram – “Voices”

#3 “Bloodflows” by SOHN – “Tremors”

#4 “#4” by AroarA – “In the Pines”

#5 “After Midnight” by Dorothy – “Dorothy EP”

#6 “Lean” by Archie Powell & The Exports – “Back in Black”

#7 “Hunger of the Pine” by Alt-J – “This Is All Yours”

#8 “Sober” by Childish Gambino – “Kauai”

#9 “Chiromancer (feat. Steff Koeppen)” by Copeland – “Ixora”

#10 “How Can You Really” by Foxygen – “…And Star Power”

Honorable Mentions:
“Bad Law” by Sondre Lerche – “Bad Law Single”
“Go” by Grimes, Blood Diamonds – “Go”
“Stranger People” by Doprah – “Doprah EP”

Top 10 Albums of 2014

Click on the photos for more information about the albums!

#1: "The Golden Echo" by Kimbra
#1: “The Golden Echo” by Kimbra
#2: "Voices" by Phantogram
#2: “Voices” by Phantogram
#3: "Live @ Air" by Daughter
#3: “Live @ Air” by Daughter
Souled Out by Jhene Aiko
#4: “Souled Out” by Jhene Aiko
#5: St. Vincent by St. Vincent
#5: “St. Vincent” by St. Vincent
#6: Tremors by SOHN
#6: “Tremors” by SOHN
Seeds by TVOTR
#7: “Seeds” by TV On The Radio
#9: STN MTN/Kauai by Childish Gambino
#8: “STN MTN/Kauai” by Childish Gambino
#9: Post Tropical by James Vincent McMorrow
#9: “Post Tropical” by James Vincent McMorrow
#10: ...And Star Power by Foxygen
#10: “…And Star Power” by Foxygen

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