Music Review: Thomas Jack-Live @ The Parish

by Gabi Theard
KTSW Music

Thomas Jack – Live @ The Parish

thomas-jacks-on-and-off-tour_rawDate: February 12, 2015



Originally from Bemboka, Australia, Thomas Jack brings the spirit of the islands and beaches of the world through his music. Discovered roughly three months ago, Jack’s groovy beats and funky sounds bring feelings of freedom and pride to the audience. His music is a celebration of life; through its simple flow of flutes, saxophones, trumpets and violins, Jack incorporates a variety of instruments and beats into his music. His connection to the crowd was boosted by the beauty of his music and flow of melodic transitions throughout the set. Thomas Jack’s performance at The Parish in Austin, Texas was filled with smiles, high vibrations from the crowd, and constant cries of laughter and joy for every song.

In this two hour set, Thomas Jack played three of his most popular remixes; “Atlas Sound” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, “Gold” by Gabriel Rios, and “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. As these songs are most familiar, the crowd went wild as soon as these songs began. As this genre continues to trend, Thomas Jack keeps up the spirit of Tropical House throughout his mixes. With visuals of the cosmos, beaches and tropical plants, Jack speaks through his music by using tranquil yet upbeat sounds; it’s almost as if his message is that life is meant to be enjoyed, just like days at the beach. His warm, uplifting and melodic set truly inspired an audience, myself included. Finishing off with a remix of Bob Marley’s, “Could You Be Loved,” Thomas Jack left the stage with love for his music and his fans. Jack continues his US “On and Off” tour throughout the Northeast and West coast, ending on February 28th in Seattle. His ability to strike happiness in the hearts of those who see him perform truly leaves him with a bright future ahead.

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