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March Madness Live-Blog: Thursday

todayMarch 19, 2015 7 1

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Andrew Nogay

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ole miss
After the BYU-Ole Miss game Tuesday, I’m so down to make the Rebels my sleeper. Photo credit to Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports.

Here begins the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Are you ready for a solid 14 hours of basketball? I’m not sure I am. Just like with my preview, my friend Shyam is here to “dissect” these games.

11:22: The first game is Notre Dame vs. Northeastern. The Huskies are in this one early! They’re only down by one point three minutes in. Scratch that, four points. I mean, there’s occasionally a 3-14 upset?

11:36: Northeastern has the lead! This is currently the most important thing in me and Shyam’s life.

11:52: The other game started! And…UAB is probably about to get blown out by Iowa State. It’s okay, UAB athletics. At least your football team will be undefeated for the foreseeable future.

11:58: Both games are on commercial. Shyam is affectionately calling this March Adness.

12:08: Notheastern-Notre Dame is at half, with the Irish up four. Northeastern needs to go inside more often, they seem to have players with legit post moves and they got the ND bigs in foul trouble early.

12:16: Oh my god, UAB’s players all have two different colored shoes on, one green shoe and one white. We need more research on this.

12:19: Apparently the shoe thing has a legitimate reason. That story gave me some feel goods.

12:43: Northeastern straight up cannot defend Notre Dame inside. They’re giving up easy passes and baseline every time. Also, Georgia State-Baylor just started.

12:45: “Hey Cherry, you’re missing part of your beard!”-Shaym, 2015

1:04: UAB is #killin Iowa State on the offensive boards. That game is surprisingly close. Also, I still believe in you Northeastern! Only down eight with four left…

1:09: That wrong call could be the nail in the coffin for Northeastern. Dang man.

1:10: Nevermind! Four point game with two minutes left! Could the first game on the schedule be, dare I say, memorable?

1:15: Two point game, 30 seconds left! And the Northeastern band is playing the Game of Thrones song! This is cool man.

1:22: I hate it so much whenever teams don’t even get a shot off to end a game. Northeastern, just get ANY shot off! It doesn’t matter when you shoot it, even if you shoot it early. You could still get an offensive rebound. Nobody from Northeastern wanted to take the shot. Ugh. At least UAB is still close with Iowa State.

1:32: UAB’s only offense if offensive rebounding. Works so far. Only down two with a minute and a half left.

1:34: That was some legit great D by UAB. This is intense.

1:36: This is UAB’s last timeout. I hope their coach knows what he’s doing…under a minute left.

1:37: Whoa! That was a ballsy three. This…I love this.

1:38: That trading of buckets was too good. No timeouts, just back and forth greatness.

1:40: CLUTCH

1:44: FIRST UPSET OF THE DAY! That’ll do UAB. That’ll do.

1:48: We’re two-for-two as far as good games so far, with Baylor-Georgia State close at half. Arizona’s up by like 15…but still!

1:57: Well the Texas-Butler game just started, so this might go to a very dark place.

2:02: Shyam is very upset with UT’s inability to run offense. I told him that this isn’t a unique occurrence. And it isn’t.

2:05: Georgia State’s coach is so fired up that he tore his other ACL

2:33: About half of these basketball-related ads are okay, the other half horrendous. Shyam: “I appreciate the effort…”

2:40: We thought Georgia State was out of it, now all of a sudden they’re only down three. R.J. Hunter lives!

2:46: This game is mayhem.

2:48: Oh my god R.J. Hunter you just destroyed March Madness, and re-tore your dad’s ACL. Yeezus. This is insane.

2:50: This is my life right now:

From Imgur.


2:51: I need a bit to process what I just saw.

2:55: Having two top three seeds upset already is a bad look for the Big 12, but those were both great games. We’re three-for-three for fantastic games so far.

3:21: Well Arizona beat Texas Southern handily, so now we’re three-for-four. Texas-Butler is close, but there’s barely any offense to be seen in that game.

3:36: The refs in the Texas-Butler game are awful, both ways. Sure fouls aren’t called, and inconsequential contact is called every time. It’s not the most enjoyable game to watch…

3:45: So in that Pixels movie, Pac-man comes alive and tries to kill Adam Sandler and Tyrion Lannister? Yeah? Just checking.

3:49: It looks like Taylor is starting to take over for Texas. Which is good, considering Rick Barnes has no idea how to run an offense. Taylor going one-on-one is honestly the best choice for UT right now.

3:53: Remember, Barnes had Kevin Durant and couldn’t get to the Sweet 16. So never be surprised by how much UT underachieves in the tournament.

4:07: I’m mostly glad that Texas didn’t lose in a more heartbreaking fashion. It was a as easy going as a frustrating loss could be.

4:18: What is happening in this UCLA-SMU game? It’s like both teams forgot how to basketball. Also, this is by far the worst crowd today. It’s a two point game with 20 seconds left, and the crowd is dead.

4:22: That goaltending call was something else. I don’t even.

4:25: Of course UCLA would win in the cheekiest way possible. Everybody said that they didn’t deserve to get in, and March Madness loves irony almost as much as the ’90s.

4:37: Whichever NBA team gets De’Angelo Russel will be lucky. He’s going to be the next James Harden, or at least O.J. Mayo with a better temperament.

4:47: That guy Stainbrook from Xavier looks like he’s at least 40. I wouldn’t have taken him out of the game after that technical though.

4:51: “I’m Rob Lowe.”

“And I’m college basketball referee Rob Lowe.”

“I have direct TV.”

“And I have cable, and I’m rather asinine. Shout out to the Texas-Butler and UCLA-SMU games.”

4:56: More like “Ole Miss a lotta shots”! Hehe…ha…sorry about that. I’ll let myself out.

4:59: The Ole Miss I know was a fast-breaking dunking machine that never lost their aggression. Now they’re missing wide open dunks. Come on guys.

5:14: I mean, Ole Miss still has a shot here. Down 12, with six minutes left…stranger things have happened today.

5:17: That three might’ve been the dagger for Xavier.

5:18: Never change, Ole Miss. I don’t care if you almost screwed up a two-on-nothing fast break by trying an alley-oop. Keep doing you.

5:32: Well Ole Miss lost. However, the Ohio State-VCU game is entertaining and close. Both are playing recklessly, and Shyam is loving it.

5:47: Two things: One, the refs in this Ohio St.-VCU game are so inconsistent. A probably blocking foul is called a charge, and a probably charge is called a block. Two, if Russel has to spend time on the bench because of his bleeding, that’ll be the game for OSU.

5:51: I don’t think that should be a flagrant on the VCU player. An accidental off-elbow while trying a layup? Come on. Stuff happens man.

6:00: Those are some clutch threes, VCU. Also, better luck next year Lafayette.

6:02: Tied game, under a minute left. So far, we’re six-for-eight for good games. I’m excited about it.

6:04: First overtime game of the tournament! I agree with Shaka Smart letting it ride at the end, not calling a timeout. They were able to get a good shot, OSU just defended it well.

6:08: De’Angelo Russel with 26 points on 10/18 shooting. He has the potential to be Dwyane Wade with a better three point shot. In other words, he can be one of the best players in the world at some point.

6:19: “This is a really crazy game. It’s coming down to it.”-Shyam, 2015

6:20: We’re disappointed the VCU player missed that three. This was probably the best played game so far. Very interesting style clashes. VCU presses and plays hellish defense, and Ohio State has Russel, who is a style upon himself.


6:56: I love Charles Barkley. I don’t care if he doesn’t know nearly as much about college basketball as a college basketball analyst should. I say have him commentate NFL, college football, baseball, hockey, Olympics, street fights, anything. I need his analysis on more things.

7:12: Purdue-Cincinnati has a lot of potential, Nova is destroying the Pennsylvanian Lafayette, Harvard is closer to North Carolina than it should be and Stephen F. Austin-Utah just started. This batch of games are okay, but the next should be excellent.

7:26: I wonder if Charles Barkley, Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson hang out in real life like that Capital One commercial implies?

7:42: Purdue has pretty ball movement, and Cincinnati has a lot of toughness. It makes for a good style clash.

7:49: The Harvard-UNC game officially got interesting. Harvard’s only down 11 with 13 minutes left.

7:59: Nine point game! And Cincy-Purdue is only a one point game with eight minutes left! Could be some good games people.

8:00: Jeebus, Purdue’s shooting percentage is barely in double digits.

8:03: It seems like college refs are allowing hop steps now. Allen Iverson would be proud.

8:10: That sequence of plays worked out really well for Harvard. They’re…only down by three! With six minutes left! What is going on today?

8:20: Cincinnati making their mini-comeback pales in comparison to the four point play Harvard just got. Ugh. Brooooo.

8:27: GG Harvard.

8:29: Did he get it off?

8:30: It did! That was one of the most dramatic toilet bowl shots I’ve seen. Also, overtime game number two!

8:37: Somebody needs to make a gif of Lance Stevenson blowing that game-tying shot in the basket.

From Huffington Post.

8:41: This game just became choppy as h***. That favors Cincinnati’s style, they’re up three with 20 seconds left.

8:45: Is Verne Lundquist okay? From the sounds he’s made today, one more close game and we could have a situation on our hands.

8:48: Oh yeah, SFA-Utah was a thing. SFA only down by six, with six minutes left.

8:57: My friend Walker is here now, and we need to have a break in the games to get food. We were gonna go after the Cincy-Purdue, but it went to overtime, and then we noticed SFA-Utah was close near the end. So we’re hoping we get a break soon. I’m not sure Walker’s gonna make it much longer.

9:06: This game gives me the feeling that Stephen F. Austin won’t get over the hump. They might even get a shot to win…but come up short.

9:08: SFA bros for life! My bad, I meant 4 lyfe.

9:11: Walker is threatening jumping out my window if the SFA-Utah game goes into overtime. This is intense on several levels.

9:14: All these timeouts are just wasting time that we could use to go get food.

9:16: Utah looks like it’s going to pull ahead for good here.


10:01: Culver’s, you da real MVP. Back to college basketball…

10:06: NC State is alive! Only down four after being down like 15 for a while.

10:15: Although Kentucky is sort of destroying Hampton, all the other games on are close. I really like Eastern Washington’s potential to beat Georgetown.

10:21: Man, LSU would’ve had this in the bag a while if they made their free throws. Of course, NC State can’t hit a three to save their lives, so we’re at an impasse now.

10:26: Whoa. A game winning hook shot? That was sick.

10:36: That was absolute shot clock cheese by Wofford.

10:41: That Arkansas dunk/Wofford off-balance three sequence was awesome. Also, Willie-Cauley Stein looks like he could be a villain in Afro Samurai.

10:50: We’re just had a conversation about what Wofford’s mascot should be, since terriers just isn’t working for them.

10:57: How is Wofford getting so many offensive rebounds? Arkansas is bigger and more athletic, but Wofford has 13 offensive boards. Even though it’s a cliche, I guess it’s true: hustle points count big in potential upsets.

11:09: Wofford, you tried so hard. You got so far. But in the end, it really did not matter. Not a little bit.

11:34: I was about to shut this down, but Eastern Washington has made some strides in the last few minutes versus Georgetown. This will never die!

11:43: EW is lurking. They’re only down 12 with five minutes left. I mean, it probably won’t happen, but it wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen today.

11:53: Down ten with three minutes left, EW questions life’s great questions.

12:00: This was just too large a deficit for EW to make up. Oh well, the games tomorrow will be crazy.

Well there you have it. This was one of the best days of March Madness I can remember, more than half the games were interesting, or even downright memorable. Until tomorrow…

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