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SXSW 2015: An Interview With Yumi Zouma

todayMarch 30, 2015 47

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Interviewer: Tafari Robertson, Music Reviewer
Interviewee: Josh, Sam, Christie, Charlie of Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma's EP II
Yumi Zouma’s EP II

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    SXSW 2015: An Interview With Yumi Zouma

Hi my name is Tafari Robertson. I’m here with Yumi Zouma from New Zealand for KTSW. Can you guys go ahead and just state each of your names and what you do in the Band?

Josh: Josh and a bit of everything

Sam: Sam and like-wise

Christie: Christie. I mostly sing

Charlie: I’m Charlie. I do a bit of everything as well

So you guys just released your EP II, what was the process like recording that and how did that change from your first EP?

Josh: I think the only difference was is that we had released music prior to that. I mean the process was pretty similar.

Charlie: There was this one week in New York (Josh lives in New York) and we all flew into New York to try and write together for the first time because usually we just send stuff over the internet but it didn’t work

Josh: We ended up going to a lot of brunches, a lot of dinners. We went to MOMA… I think it’s because we don’t get to see each other that often so when we do we kind of want to hang out

What are the essential pieces of a Yumi Zouma song?

Sam: The essential pieces of a Yumi Zouma song.. it’s like, synth, bass guitar, a bit of drums

Josh: I think drum machines, synthesizers, and a lot of hope

How do you guys transition that into your live show using all the synths and drum machines?

Sam: There wasn’t much thought that went into our live show because we’d never band practiced together until a week before our so the first week was just trying to figure out how to do everything and then we were on tour for three months so we just did what came naturally.

Josh: …seeing what rolled live, you know, seeing what worked

Charlie: I think the good thing was that all the songs were written so we weren’t struggling with arrangements so much. We knew what parts needed to go into where.

Sam: We just had to figure out who played what

Josh: I think that’s why we swap around a lot because there’s no one that was like the bass player or the guitarist or the keyboard player.

Can you guys tell me a little bit about Lorde? You guys opened for Lorde. How was that? How did she get into contact with you guys?

Sam: I needed to get a visa to come to the states and I’ve known her for a while so I asked her if she could sponsor it, like, endorse my artist visa on Facebook

Josh: …where the magic happens

Sam: Yeah and then she was like, “yeah, cool. Also do you want to play with me in my New Zealand shows?” and I was like, “ I’ll ask everybody, sounds cool.”

How are you guys liking SXSW this week?

Christie: It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun

Sam: It’s very hot, today at least. A couple days ago we played in McAllen, Texas, which was awesome. We played at the galaxy fair and that was insane. It was so cool; everyone got up on stage.

How is it interacting with your fans especially being kind of a young band since you’re just sort of putting it together now?

Josh: It’s great. It’s like it’s still surprising to me that people actually listen to our music. I’ve never been in a band before that people have actually listened to in mass.

Sam: It’s strange at South by we have people actually singing along.

Charlie: oh we just started getting that in New York

Sam: …because we played a couple of shows in New York before here.

Josh: Since the new EP’s been out, we can see a few people mouthing along to “The Brae” or something but now it’s like people know a lot of the words

Sam: …and they’re like wearing the t-shirts. They’re like, “I came from the state to come see you…”

Well Thank you Yumi Zouma.

Christie: You’re listening to KTSW and this is Yumi Zouma.

Listen to Yumi Zouma’s EP II below:

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