SXSW 2015: Interview with Dent May

Interviewer: Kendra Sells, Music Reviewer
Interviewee: Dent May

Dent May
Mississippi native, Dent May on the streets of Austin during SXSW. Photo courtesy of Kendra Sells

Hello, this is Kendra Sells with KTSW 89.9 and I’m here with Dent May outside of Wonderland here at SXSW

Dent: Wussup Yall?

How many shows have you played this week and what has been your favorite one?

Dent: That was our 3rd or 4th show so it’s been pretty chill compared to years where we’ve played like 12 to 14. I think my favorite show…maybe the Car Park, My label’s 16th anniversary party. We played with Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz. A lot of my Mississippi friends that I grew up with came. A lot of familiar faces, packed crowd, good rock n roll, beautiful women, you know how it is.

What is your favorite part of Austin? Do you like the Bar-B-Q? Do you like the people? What brings you back?

Dent: There’s a lot of young people in Austin, I feel that there’s a lot of people that like cool music, and that are interested in art, and cool ideas. I love going to Austin when it’s not SXSW as well. I’ve had some of my best shows here. I play here all the time. So yeah, it’s fun to come here when there’s this crazy festival but I think I kind of like it more when it’s a little more chill, to be honest.

What are your favorite shows that you’ve seen this week?

Dent: Unfortunately I’ve only really seen bands that we’ve played with, ya know? It’s kind of busy. But this guy Juan Wauters is amazing, we’ve played to shows with him so far. He’s like this amazing songwriter from Ecuador. Really charming, clever, fun songs. And our friends Homeshake and Walter TV are really cool, we’ve played shows with them. Homeshake is actually about to play a show right now, so I’m gonna dip back in and maybe mosh or crowd surf or something.

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