Riff – Facebook’s New Compilation Video App

By Katelyn Hawkes
Blog Content Contributor

Do you remember that game you played with your friends where you would write down the beginning line of a story on a piece of paper, fold it, pass it to your friend so they can add a line, they fold it, and your friends keep adding more lines to the story and once your done, you unfold the piece of paper, and you have one long, compilation story that is ridiculous and funny? Imagine that game in virtual form.

Facebook has come out with an app that combines Snapchat and Vine but with a similar concept to that game mentioned above. This new app is called Riff. When you use the app, you choose a tag to base the theme of the video, for instance #dogs, and you can record a clip up to 20 seconds based on that theme. Then, upload your clip to Facebook, and other users with the app can add their own clip based on dogs (or whatever tag you choose), and soon you will have a collaborative video that has gone viral on Facebook.

According to an article on The Verge, the product manager of Facebook’s Creative Labs, Josh Miller, said, “We loved how for the first time it felt like you were making something with your friends, not just sharing at them.”

Photo Credit: Facebook Newsroom

For more information, check out the Facebook Newsroom. Riff is available for both iPhone and Adroid users.

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