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Making Friends in College: A Guide for Introverts

By Jemia Spence Web Content Contributor  I know you’ve heard people say that college is where you make your lifelong friends. It is a new experience for everyone, and a way to create your own path in life. Most students come to college and maybe know one or two people. However, if you’re an introvert you may find it difficult to meet new people or to put yourselves out there. […]

todayMarch 2, 2022 51 1


Big Data Shouldn’t Be In the Hands of the Powerful Few

By Joe Grist Blog Content Contributor If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s crystal clear now.  We cannot allow ourselves to entrust our personal data to large corporations and entities without a system of checks-and-balances. Time and time again, we have been shown that when it comes to handling our personal information, our privacy is ignored, disregarded, or even abused. My recent piece that discussed taking steps to protect your private […]

todayApril 8, 2018 401


Social Media Probs

By Allison Johnson Assistant Web Content Manager You do not need everyone and their sister on your social media accounts. I’m talking about the guy you met at the bar, your buddy from physics and possibly even your Dad, too. We’re in a day and age where people confuse real life with social media. Double tapping someone’s Instagram photo can mean plenty of things to someone. I don’t know why, […]

todayApril 3, 2018 28


Riff – Facebook’s New Compilation Video App

By Katelyn Hawkes Blog Content Contributor Do you remember that game you played with your friends where you would write down the beginning line of a story on a piece of paper, fold it, pass it to your friend so they can add a line, they fold it, and your friends keep adding more lines to the story and once your done, you unfold the piece of paper, and you […]

todayApril 6, 2015 141



Daily News Recap (3-6-15)

Compiled by Holly Henrichsen Assistant Web Content Manager A friend-of-the-court brief has been filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by 379 companies in hopes of pressing the high court to overturn the lower court’s ban on same-sex marriage in four states. According to USA Today, among these companies includes Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson. The brief argues that prohibiting same-sex marriage makes it difficult to recruit […]

todayMarch 6, 2015 7

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