Alike coffee kiosk

Coffee Kiosk in Alkek Library

By: Marques Mingo

New coffee kiosk and snack bar in Alkek Library
New coffee kiosk and snack bar in Alkek Library. Photo courtesy of

Last Tuesday, Alkek Library opened a new coffee kiosk where students can purchase coffee, snacks, and other types of drinks. This is apart of the expanded library learning commons project Alkek is currently undergoing. The main goal of this project is to provide a permanent full-service coffee station for students to go to when they are at the library instead of having to leave. Currently the library kiosks offers things like coffee,juices, fruit, salads, and snack bars. All the grab and go snacks are made in the kitchens at the LBJ Student Center or the Den. There is a cashier present and this self-service station and students can use cash, credit, or dining dollars to purchase their items. Director of Auxiliary Services, John Root, was the person who helped developed this coffee kiosk and he says the library is looking for something above vending like maybe adding a in house coffee chain.

“There looking for something like maybe an Einstein’s or maybe not Einsteins but something that has a full coffee program and maybe some light sandwiches not anything with grills and frying stuff like that. But when I say permanent it would maybe sort of its own its space with tables and all and were definitely interested in that.”

This kiosk is only for the interim period of this alkek renovation and once the big project begins they will move the kiosk somewhere else. Root says they are still trying to figure out where they would put the full service coffee and snack station due to the heavy flow of traffic in the library.

“Ideally we would be in that space like sort of right when you come in the library door with the possible advantage of being able to service and have an entrance maybe from the exterior, so that it is something people can enjoy even if they are not coming into the library.”

Root says the kiosk is doing very well so far and is glad the library is answering their customer demands. Root says he thinks the project will be finished in the next few years.

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