Photo collage of the white house, capital building, mt. rushmore, washington monument and the street sign for the white house. On top is a red filled-in outline of the United States.

Texas State University Encourages Youth Voting

By Lauren Jurgemeyer Assistant Web Content Manager SAN MARCOS, Texas—The 2018 midterm elections saw an increase of voting among college students as universities, like Texas State, offered on-campus resources promoting political activism. Nationally, the 2018 midterm elections welcomed a surge … Continue reading Texas State University Encourages Youth Voting

Bookstore Blowout Spring 2015

by Dyhanara Rios Videographer Bookstore Blowout is an annual event at the Texas State University Bookstore. The event is held at the beginning of each semester, and ncludes giveaways of music CDs, posters, and several live performances throughout the afternoon.  Waterloo Records and other sponsors help KTSW staff make this event possible.   Continue reading Bookstore Blowout Spring 2015