Shapescenes at the Mohawk

by Sierra Schuette
Web Content Contributor

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Shapescenes playing.
Photo by Sierra Schuette.

Shapescenes is an alternative rock band with a little electronic edge out of Austin, Texas. They draw inspiration from bands like The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, and My Bloody Valentine. I can see fans of indie rock really enjoying their music. The band uses a synthesizer and a drum pad for a lot of their electronic sound effects. Chase Anderson is the vocalist and guitarist, Jared Templeton also plays guitar, Kyle Johnson plays synth and bass guitar, and Mark Son plays the drums. They’re a very stylish band and looked pretty cool and eclectic on stage. They have two tracks out on their website, but when talking to Chase he revealed they are still in the editing stage of a 5 track EP and are currently recording more music.

On Monday, June 8th Shapescenes played at the Mohawk in Austin. The Mohawk is a pretty large venue with two stages, one small with standing room and one large with practically a whole amphitheater in front of it. It is an awesome venue, kind of modern but also a little rustic. I would love to visit the venue again for more shows; the atmosphere is great. They brought in a crowd of about 40 people at the busiest time. Looking around I could tell the crowd was digging their funky electronic background and the musicians. I found that the vocals were a little drowned out but that’s definitely something that could be easily fixed. However, I really enjoyed Mark Son on the drums, he is very talented. Chase Anderson and Jared Templeton played very well together and seemed to have a cool connection when harmonizing their pick lines.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and think that anyone who likes alternative rock/electronic music should for sure check Shapescenes out.

Shapescenes playing.
Photo by Sierra Schuette.

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