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Relieve Your Stress

todayAugust 14, 2015 11

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by Sierra Schuette
Web Content Contributor

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Photo taken by Taylor Zavala
Photo taken by Taylor Zavala

Fall semester is coming soon and the summer days are slipping away. After chillaxin’ for almost three months, many students are out of their normal school routine and not ready for their full schedule of classes. This can lead to stressful situations and shoulder knots if not handled correctly. In order to survive this semester, remember that you always need some time to relax and relieve stress in a healthy way. I’m not talking about drinking so much on the weekend that you forget you have a test Monday. I am talking about relieving your stress in ways that are actually beneficial.

When the stress is getting so heavy it’s giving you a mini panic attack, try to be vocal about it. Keep calm and call your mom when things become too stressful. Your mom (or dad or other relative) wants to hear about your problems and want to help. Family members are great supporters and somehow they always know just what to say when you failed your exam and your roommate is growing mold in the kitchen. You can relieve some of your homesickness, stress, and maybe get a laugh in while you’re at it. Plus you know they want to hear from their baby. Another way to vocally ease your mind is to laugh. Go hang out with your funniest friend or watch stand up comedy on Netflix. Laughing will put you in a better mood and help you calm down. One last – and I would say very effective – way to vocalize your stress is to turn on your favorite music and belt it out.

Eat healthy foods – do not eat your emotions. Junk food will only make you feel worse, your brain needs good vitamins and nutrients to bring its A game. Drop the Red Bull and pick up a warm mug of chamomile tea. This herbal drink stimulates the same brain receptors as Valium, it is a natural tranquilizer. Green tea also has theanine which has a calming affect on your nervous system.

Get active. Go for a walk, go to the gym, do not just sit around and mope about how you have two exams and an essay due. The rush of endorphins will help you cut the stress in half. It might add more knots in your shoulders from lifting dumbbells, but those are good knots right? If you are too worn out to exercise, just go outside. Take some deep breaths of fresh air and feel the sun on your skin. Being outdoors can lower your stress hormones, there is just something about nature that helps calm you down.

Success in school is important, but so is your mental health. Do not let yourself become so overwhelmed that it is hard to recover. Always give yourself study breaks and allow yourself time to wind down before bed and get a good amount of sleep. School is tough but it is nothing you cannot handle.

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