apartment exterior

Move-In Tips from a Leasing Agent

Kalie Souknary
KTSW Blog Content Contributor

apartment exterior
Photo by Christopher Cabella

As move-in day gets closer and closer, there are still some things students are unaware of because these important things are not obvious. We’re all so excited to be moved in to a new place and have decorations and movie nights, that you aren’t thinking about how horrendous your move-in could be because you weren’t prepared.

As a leasing agent, I get countless calls a day about things that are so obvious to me, but as a resident, you may be totally oblivious to. And I’m here to clear those things up so you have a better move-in day, we have a better move-in day, and we all get to go home and sleep comfortably that night.

  • Know how and when to pay rent.
    One of our top questions is, “How do I pay rent?” Most places accept checks and/or money orders and you also have an online option. If you use a system that takes money out of your account automatically every month, make sure it is set up a week ahead of when it’s suppose to take money out, or you will be charged late fees.
  • Be sure your lease is actually completed.
    A lease contains a lot of parts, so it’s easy to miss a spot that needs your initial or your signature. Most times when you sign a lease, you will miss something and we’ll have to email you about it until you turn it in. So within the week of you signing your lease, I would suggest calling your apartment office to make sure everything is completed.
  • Know what time you are scheduled to move-in.
    To avoid chaos, your apartment complex schedules a time for everyone to move-in. This betters your chance of an un-crowded move-in, a parking spot closer to your apartment to move your stuff in and out, and a shorter line to stand in.
  • Be sure you have your mail forwarded to your new address.
    Unless you want to pay a late fee on your last utility at your old apartment, be sure they have a reliable address to send your mail after you move out. This way you’ll receive all your important mail like it never had to be transferred.
  • Be sure to look over every detail in your new apartment.
    When you move in, you will receive a Unit Condition Form to fill out with any problems at your new place. You have 24 hours to turn this form in, or you’re responsible for any damages done to your place that you might not have even done. So be sure to check every little detail.

There may be some tips that I have not included, but if you at least get these right, you’ll have a successful move-in day.

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