Back to School: Fall 2015 (Playlist)

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Back to School Playlist

By The Fall 2015 KTSW Music Staff

Welcome back Bobcats! Check out this playlist of 15 tracks hand picked by your very own KTSW Fall 2015 Music staff. We’re just as excited as you are to kick of the new semester, so we picked out tracks perfect for those morning bus rides, breaks in between class, and late night study sessions. With back to school themed tracks from Matt and Kim, Mac Demarco, Disclosure, Odesza, and even Soulja Boy there’s something in this playlist for everyone.

  1. “Daylight” by Matt and Kim: “It’s just a song that you listen to when you want to start a new adventure. I believe every new semester should be an adventure.” – Ranisha Shipp
  2. “My Sweet Summer” by Dirty Heads: “While I’m super bummed that summer is in its final stages, this song never fails put me in a better mood. Whether you’re packing and heading back to school, or just going on a final summer road trip, this song is perfect to get you through the day.” – Emily Coon
  3. “This Is The Day” by The The: “At the beginning of each new school year a sense of optimism and a fresh start seems to engulf everyone, and I feel that this song depicts that feelings perfectly.” – Allison Belcher
  4. Time Trades” by Jeffrey Lewis: “The end of summer is also the beginning of new opportunities. The thought of growing older, or knocking out another year of school is often times scary, but it’s important to remember that whether we are ready or not time is still moving forward. This song is special to me because it helps keep me grounded and highlights the importance of spending time wisely- a perfect mentality to ring in the fall!” – Kendra Sells
  5. “Before the World Was Big” by Girlpool: ” This previous year was the longest span of time I’ve been away from home and my parents – roughly eight months – this August I came back to visit during summer vacation. Just driving around and talking to people you haven’t seen in a while gave me a gnarly case of the nostalgia goggles. I’d catch myself saying “that wasn’t there when I lived here” or “huh, that guy is gone.” It’s an uncomfortable feeling knowing that the world goes on and continues while you’re not physically there to witness changes.To me, this song captures that sense of being a big fish in a familiar but small, worn out pond and then moving to a foreign Texas-sized body of water. Suddenly that old pond seems different and nobody bothered consulting you about changes; or have you changed and the old pond is the the same as it always was? The world seems a lot bigger when you only have two semesters before you’re counted an adult and it’s nice to reminisce when your world seemed small and boring.” – Wes Boland
  6. “Sea of Air” by Portugal. The Man: “”Sea of Air” reminds me of going back to school and getting back into the groove of things. If you think about it Texas State is our home away from home (for most); it’s our “little sea of air.” It’s in a sense, a paradox, because State is a huge campus but in a little town. Each part of school and San Marcos itself is so personal to each of us, it’s as if we create a field of energy (sea, air) around us. “We got the whole world hangin’ there…” But we’re lucky because we’re in our little sea of air! That bliss comes from the uniqueness and ridiculously high vibes that Texas State creates. Welcome back to school, welcome home, welcome back to your Sea of Air.” – Gabi Theard.
  7. “Cooking Up Something Good” by Mac Demarco: “I used to listen to his album almost everyday last semester while walking through campus. This is the first song off his album “2” and it still creates some nostalgia of school for me. Hope everyone else enjoys it!” – Nestor Vasquez, Local Music Director
  8. “Summer Ending” by Matilde Davoli: I’m Calling You From My Dreams is Matilde Davoli’s debut album that released in June of this year. It’s an album perfect for watching the sun rise on those early morning commutes to school and sunset drives back home from an exhausting day of classes under those pesky fluorescent lights.” – Janelle Abad, Music Director
  9. “The Complete Knock” by Blood Orange: “This song reminds me of laying around a body of water doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. This song makes me think about summer, and how I am going to miss it when school starts. But until then… I’m enjoying being done with summer school!” – Nicole Kukla
  10. “Lone Wolf” by Mozart’s Sister: “It came out right around the time I was getting ready to move to go to school at Texas State, and it shares my general demeanor on life. Namely, walking through life mostly independent of others but unafraid to be wholly one’s self, which is pretty much me in a nutshell. And it is a sick synth-pop bop, which is like, the best.” – Tre Simmons
  11. “Boy From School” by Hot Chip: “I chose this song because it reminds me of driving around my hometown with old friends the summer before I moved to San Marcos. I was always drinking blackberry sprite from Sonic, and driving around on back roads listening to Hot Chip, which was my main jam that summer.” – Cheyenne
  12. “Holding On” by Disclosure (feat. Gregory Porter): “Disclosure’s music has always been the soundtrack to many of my life events. I remember listening to “Settle” nonstop the summer before my senior year, and now I find myself doing the same thing with their new tracks a little bit before school starts. Their music puts you in this trance; it’s the type of music where you can close your eyes and let it take you to these imaginary worlds. Especially with this song, I find it hard not to get sucked in. We’re going back to school and I can’t see myself walking around campus listening to anything else.” – Brittany Robinson
  13. “Kusanagi” by ODESZA: “During my first semester after I was done studying, I would walk around campus in the middle of the night. I don’t know why. I just enjoyed being alone with the music. Every night I’d walk in the middle of the quad, sit on the bench in front of the buses and just stare at the sky. After listening to this song I knew everything would be okay.” – Andreis Hernandez
  14. “Girl” by The Internet – Alexx Ward, Rap Director
  15. “First Day of School” by Soulja Boy: “I first heard this song as it automatically played behind a Fader magazine feature article on the rise of Soulja Boy and subsequently the internet age of music. The article was good but I never finished reading it because as soon as this song came on I immediately had to find it and add it to my daily music listening routine. One can see in the title why this song might pertain to the theme of a Back to School playlist but on a deeper level for me this song reflects the optimism and excitement of returning to school after a long dragging summer apart from friends and foes alike. I hope all who hear this, be it the first time or the tenth time, are injected with a youthful jolt of hope a naivete as they begin the new school year.” – Tafari Robinson, Assistant 

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