Silo Road album, Last Call Love

100 Proof Music Review: Silo Road, “Last Call Love”

By Jimmy Preston
Blog Content Contributor

I’ve written about love many times in the past. For the most part, the love I wrote about involved two human beings. Today I’m talking about my bromance with the new album by Silo Road, “Last Call Love.”

Silo Road album, Last Call Love
Silo Road – Last Call Love – Photo By: Jimmy Preston 

The sophomore effort by the 4-piece band, Silo Road, is a grand slam of Texas-flavored Americana hits daring you to put on your cowboy boots and dance, even if you are wearing short pants. The tight arrangement of the band is a result of longtime friendships between lead singer, Billy Broome and lead guitarist, Chris Swindle. The two grew up and played in various bands in the town of Bonham, TX before making the move to Austin. Music eventually took a back seat to “real” jobs and family until the two reunited to fire up the amps once again. Within time the addition of drummer, Jarid Craig and bassist, Brendan Smith, and Silo Road was born.

The songwriting prowess of lead singer, Billy Broome, showcases his skills in observing life and translating it into relatable verse even to the those who have never stepped foot in a Texas honky-tonk. The first track on the album, “Texas not Tennessee,” sets the tone for the album. A beautiful woman, a honky-tonk, the sight of her driving away, and thoughts of what could’ve been. One thing is clear as you listen to the album, these songs are written by a man from Texas and he walks tall despite carrying a heart made of pure gold.

The title track, “Last Call Love,” is a tribute to that special type of love you can only find after the bartenders close it down for the evening. When you attend a Silo Road show, by the end of the night you too will be asking for their number.

The band plays regularly here in Texas, and have been expanding their reach north and east of the Lone Star State. They are performing at the WUSM Tailgate Concert Series this weekend in Hattiesburg, MS.

This album has a little something for everyone, whether you’re a classic country fan or the only country you’ve listened to is Ween’s album, “12 Country Golden Greats.” Silo Road is one-way to toe-tapping town.

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