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Ramen Hacks for the Broke College Kid

todaySeptember 11, 2015 356

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Chelsea Moran
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ramen noodles
Photo by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

Eating on a college budget is undoubtedly difficult to do, especially when you’re living off campus without meal trades. Then there’s the late night snacking you have to account for, and frequently going to the Exon in the Square for tacos adds up real quick. So what do you do when you’re starving and trying to save money? You buy ramen by the box-full. Now I know some people hate ramen because it’s #basic, or they can only eat so many bowls before they rather eat dirt and trust me when I say I’m in agreement but ramen doesn’t always have to be a boring bowl of noodles in brown flavored water. Try out these ramen hacks to add some variety and flavor into your budget friendly eating habits.

For these simple recipes you only need the following: ramen, eggs, flour, milk, hot dogs, ground beef, tomato sauce and a block of cheese.


The Ramen Lasagna Burger

Ramen is already sectioned into 2 parts, just break them apart so you have “noodle buns” and Put one ramen half on a cookie sheet.

Take your tomato or spaghetti sauce and poor some over the ramen half and season to your liking, layer cheese on top.

Take one hamburger patty, season with beef flavor packet from ramen, place it on ramen bun.

Add more sauce and more cheese.

Add the other ramen half, more sauce, more cheese and bake for 20 – 30 minutes at 275 degrees.


Ramen Omelet

Boil ramen noodles and drain them.

Lay them to make a flat layer in frying pan.

Whisk 1-2 eggs with ramen flavor packet and pour over noodles.

Add cheese, fold, and cook until cheese is fully melted.


Ramen Pig in a Blanket

Boil ramen, drain, add flavor packet.

Make a flat even layer in the frying pan, brown one side and flip.

Add cheese and hot dog.

Roll carefully and fry on all sides until golden and melted together.


Ramen Cheese Sticks

Take a block of cheese and cut rectangles to make cheese sticks.

Crush ramen noodles in bag and pour into a bowl with flavor packet (do not cook.)

Mix 1 cup milk and 1 egg in separate bowl.

Put 1 cup of flour in another bowl (or plate.)

Roll cheese stick in flour then the milk and egg mix then the crushed ramen (repeat twice for each stick.)

Pan fry until golden brown and crispy.


Ramen Fries

Boil 2 packs of ramen and drain.

Take a large cookie sheet and put foil over it.

Put noodles on cookie sheet, fold foil over and press until noodles form a flat square.

Freeze for 20 minutes then cut into French fries.

Pan fry and season with flavor packet.

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