Utopiafest 2015: Man Man Interview

todaySeptember 14, 2015 4

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by Ranisha Shipp
KTSW Music

Man Man
Photo by Ranisha Shipp

R: Hi everyone! This is your favorite radio DJ, Lady R and I’m here with Ryan from Man Man. Say hi to the folks back home, Ryan!

H: What up, folks?? I’m worried about you. I’m worried about you. Not about you. I’m worried about you! Her (Ranisha’s) lips are purple! I think she may be in trouble.

R: Yeah, just like a touch of hypothermia. It’s ok.

H: That’s crazy. That’s a wild color. That’s some future color.

R: Thank you. Thank you. I specialize in wild lipstick.

H: Yeah, it’s cool. It’s wild indeed.

R: So, you said you arrived today and you played a show in Houston last night. How was that?

H: It was good. We played a show in Houston and arrived here. We just played and I think it went over okay.

R: Yeah?

H: Yeah.

R: How did Man Man get started? How did you start with that project?

H: We all met in boy scouts and we all got kicked out of boy scouts. So, we joined girl scouts and uh, you know. The rest is history.

R: Solid. So, your last album was in 2013, right?

H: Yeah, that was 2 years ago. Which in this day and age, is a lifetime.

R: Well, I actually like it very much. I was listening to the songs and sounded pretty nice. So, any new songs?

H: Yeah, we played some tonight. We’re on tour right now just trying out new material.

R: Yeah? When’s your next show?

H: Our next show is in Tucson in 2 days. We drive tomorrow and it’s the day after. What’s today? Sunday. Tuesday. By then hopefully the acid would’ve worn off and my lips turn purple.

R: Great great. What goes into writing the songs?

H: What goes into writing the songs?

R: Yeah, for you.

H: You know, every-the whole kitten caboodle. It’s like when you look. When you’re at your shelf in the morning and you’re asking yourself is this a purple lipstick day, is it the fuchsia lipstick day. Is this a aqua marine blue, is this a cobalt? And you’re like, you now what? Let’s do em all!

Man Man
Photo by Ranisha Shipp

R: I actually have aqua marine blue.

H: I would be upset if you didn’t.

R: [laughs]

H: Yeah, so it’s a pretty long process. You have to find lips to put the color on.

R: What’s your favorite song to perform?

H: My favorite song to perform is Staying Alive by the BeeGees. Yeah, I can’t hit any of the notes. Seriously, it sounds like someone’s slowing the record down and it broke.

R: Yeah, I think only Mariah Carey would be able to hit those notes.

H: Dream Lover is one of my favorite songs ever.

R: Ok, if Man Man was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would it be?

H: It would be a knuckle sandwich, come on!

R: What are the ingredients of a knuckle sandwich?

H: Um, Baklava.

R: Baklava.

H: Aquamarine blue lipstick. Some uh, some kisses. The downwind scent of a port o pottie. Which we’re at right now.

R: Yes, it smells lovely.

H: Yeah, it’s real invigorating.

R: What do you think of all the holabolu of the festival?

H: I don’t know. I’ve never seen so many gremlins running around but that might just be the acid talking.

R: Are you going to see some bands later or are you just gonna leave?

H: Yeah, hopefully I’ll not pass out somewhere and the coyotes get to me. But if they day, hopefully I would’ve heard Tune Yards and Charles Bradley, of course.

R: Ok, are you friends with them?

H: I’m friends with Tune Yards. Charles Bradley, I’d like to be friends with him. I feel like if we have to escape from, uh Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We were talking about this today actually, what if UTOPiAfest was just some big scam to lure people from Austin out into a rural area to be harvested and tricked! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! If that stuff does go down. You know who the hero of this movie’s gonna be? Charles Bradley because he’s a tough dude. He’s been through a lot of trials and tribulations. If the ship goes down, I wanna be by his side.

R: Right on. We were actually thinking about that on our way here cause of the sketchy signs that say UF.

H: Yeah, that may not be UTOPiAfest. That may be some redneck being like, you fudged.

R: Ok, Last-

H: Last question!

R: Last question. Anything you wanna plug into our listeners cause it’s radio.

H: I want to plug in my electric shaver into them because the battery died this morning and I need to shave. I’m getting a little wooly.

R: You don’t need to shave. I like beards.

H: Yeah? This is my hobo chic. This is my hobo future look.

R: Very nice. Any chance of a new album coming out?

H: Yeah, hopefully we’ll have a new album dropped before the apocalypse or whenever President Trump takes the office.

R: Yeah, I’m not looking forward to that.

H: Yeah, we’ll all have to find our unique shade of cyanide lipstick when that day happens.

R: I’m going to move to Romania.

H: Yeah, that’s gonna become Russia someday soon. Atleast with Putin, you can go bear hunting or ride on the back of a unicorn. Or do whatever he does shirtless. Which is everything!

R: I hear that he banned memes from Russia, is that true?

H: He memes from Russia?

R: Yeah well, he banned memes.

H: Oh, he banned memes.

R: Yeah, cause everyone was like-

H: Memeing him with his shirt off?

R: Yeah.

H: Yeah well, I guess that makes sense.

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todaySeptember 14, 2015 4

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