Springtown Development to Enhance San Marcos Entertainment

By Laura Aebi
News Reporter

Photo by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher
Photo by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

The mostly-empty shopping center on Springtown Way in San Marcos has big plans for the next year, what once was a bustling shopping center with a Target and Bennigan’s has been nearly empty for almost a decade.

The lot currently includes a Bath and Body Works, a Twin Liquors, an IHOP, a Total Nutrition, and a Salon. After the renovations, there will be a Chuy’s, a Gold’s Gym, a Mcalister’s, an H&R Block, a GNC, and an entertainment center by EVO called “The Spot”.

Principal and founder of EVO Entertainment, Mitchell Roberts, said he expects the complex to fill a gap that San Marcos has- entertainment for millennials.

“It’s our new concept,” said Roberts. “We’re excited to roll it out because San Marcos is home. Also, Endeavor is doing a great job with springtown redevelopment. We’re just excited to be a part of that and tap into a market that’s been lacking for quite some time- the millennial, college crowd”

Robert says The Spot will not be like it’s Kyle predecessor, which is aimed toward more young families, but instead tailored for San Marcos residents. Endeavor, the developer for the project, intends on revamping the entire center to fit San Marcos’ needs.

“The Spot is going to be much more adult oriented- focused on the bar scene, the cool low-lighting vibe. It will be an 18 and up environment, so not so much kid-ish, much more for adults.”

The Spot will be owned by Texas Cinemas- the same company that owns San Marcos’ other two theaters, Starplex and Showplace. The entertainment center will include 6 dine-in theaters with recliners, a large bar, rentable lounges, live music capabilities, a patio, and 8 lanes of “boutique” bowling lanes. Roberts says he thinks that The Spot is going to change the game in terms of San Marcos entertainment.

“It’s gonna be a fantastic gathering space for both young adults and students at the university” said Roberts. “ It’s going to be an asset that’s going to be very popular.”

The Spot will be a hub for San Marcos after the project is finished, which is expected to be August 1st of 2016. Endeavor, the developer for the Springtown Way Center Project, had no comments on when the rest of the construction would be done.

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