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20 Things to do This Fall

todayOctober 1, 2015 4

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by Daniela Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Photo by Daniela Garcia

The Autumn Equinox arrived on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015 and we are really excited for what it will have to offer.

It seems as though Fall tends to be the more exciting season of the year what with the weather becoming cooler (except maybe Texas until a bit later in the season), Halloween approaching, Thanksgiving gatherings being planned out by family members/friends, and all of the pumpkin-flavored/scented/shaped everything. There are other things I will suggest that I hope you will not miss out on this year.

1. Oktoberfest

Whether you have some German heritage or not, you might want to head out to surrounding Oktoberfest festivals to try some beer, sausage or just all-round fall fun. One of these festivals is Wurstfest which takes place in New Braunfels every year. You can look out for this event anywhere from mid-October to early November.

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin everything is totally in season and what better way to embrace the Autumn Equinox than by taking the time to visit a beautiful patch of different-colored pumpkins. There you’ll find different sizes and shapes to your liking.

3. Carve a Pumpkin

There are too many ways in which you can get a hold of a pumpkin this time of year. Carving a pumpkin may not seem ideal what with the idea of digging your hands into something slimy. However, once the dirty work is done (which is really not too bad and instead quite therapeutic),  you will have commence the process of creating your own jack-o-lantern. The result is rewarding and always pleasurable to see displayed outside your doorstep when Halloween night falls.

4. Halloween/Thanksgiving Decorating

It’s time to pull out your box of skeletons, ghosts, and spiderwebs…for decoration of course! Normally I store away the things I purchase if I know they will used again the next year but if you’ve only recently started considering getting into the Halloween or Thanksgiving spirit, you’ll probably be able to find most things at locals stores such as Hobby Lobby, Walmart, HEB, Dollar General…etc. And if you want to be more original, you can level-up the fun and DIY (Do it yourself).

5. See the Leaves As they’re Changing

The air has gone slightly crisp and the trees sway with the breeze that rustles the leaves and causes them to pile up in a sightly heap of wonder. This one fall thing to do is pretty simple but I felt you should be reminded in case you find yourself not fully absorbing your surroundings. Look at the leaves, they’re no longer green!

6. Make S’mores

Go to the store, grab a box of honey graham crackers, a bag of large marshmallows, a bar of chocolate, some sticks and crack a fire with your friends because it’s S’mores making time. And if you find yourself lacking a place to build a fire, you can put all of the ingredients together and pop them in the oven for more or less the same satisfying experience.

7. Donate to a Food Bank

So your family has started making plans for who will sit where at the family Thanksgiving dinner this year. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to consume a warm meal this day however. Local grocery stores normally provide donation stations in their establishments to which you can drop off anything you feel appropriate for a less fortunate someone.

8. Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Hocus Pocus. You thought it, I said it. Grab all of your Hitchcock films and throw in some Harry Potter with Halloweentown and you’ll be in the spirit of Halloween in no time. It’s a good idea to have some popcorn and maybe some…blood-orange italian soda handy.

9. Check out Local School Fall Festivals

While you’re still in the mode of giving, be sure to stop by one of the local school’s festivals. You can have some carnivorousness fun while still donating to the funds of the school. Not to mention you have the chance of winning a pumpkin pie by a cakewalk.

10. Visit a Haunted House

It’s definitely that time of year when all things creepy start to be displayed on the windows of homes and on people’s front yards. But it’s even more fun when you go searching for a make-believe haunted house because you don’t know what to expect. I wouldn’t however suggest visiting an actual alleged haunted house seeing as that poses several kinds of dangers.

 11 Have a Fall Picnic

The weather is more or less perfect during this season so it’s a great time to consider going outside with a significant other, friends, family or even with your dog. Grab a basket, stuff your favorite snacks and go on over to a nice little spot in a park to bask in all the autumn glory.

 12 Ride a Bike

There is almost no sweat guaranteed for this one but while doing this you’ll get to feel the rush of the autumn air brush your face. You’ll even get to see the leaves change color here so that’s a positive double-whammy. Maybe it’ll even make you smile a little. Yes, it’ll definitely make you smile a little.

13 Shop for Winter Clothes/ Start Dressing in Layers

Your shorts, skirts, and short-sleeved shirts are all starting to not be enough for your days because you find yourself shivering a little throughout the day. It’s definitely a good time to scavenge for some long-sleeved blouses/shirts, sweaters, jackets, leggings, gloves, mittens, scarves, beanies and maybe even some thicker socks. There’s no need to splurge so as long as you consider the most important everyday wear you will require.

 14 Make a Change

So you’ve seen the leaves change, feel the weather cooling down, and you find yourself kind of bored with yourself? It’s a great opportunity to surprise yourself and your friends with a new look perhaps. Whether it’s a new haircut or simply applying a change to your life in some way, you might want to consider it now. It is good time for harvesting after all.

  15  Make Your own Costume

If you’ve decided to take on the idea of doing it yourself (DIY) you’re left with the liberty of adding as much or as little to your masterpiece. You can make your own terrifying mask or work on something sweet and friendly. Whatever it is, you’re free to do it and you can most definitely find what you need early in the game.

  16. Take Advantage of the temperature to clean things outside

If you own a house or live in an apartment with a patio/balcony, take the time to declutter what has started collecting cobwebs off in that one corner from which you don’t dare lift up that one thing for the fear of a spider jumping out at you. But it isn’t so hot anymore to where it’s unbearable and it isn’t too cold to where you can’t feel your limbs or face. Do it now!

17. Try a new dish/drink

Besides pumpkin being totally in season there are other things you’ll want to try that might not be available any other time of year. Maybe it’s a special beer or coffee drink at your favorite shop that you’ve been wanting to try. Considerably, it isn’t going to be there for much longer so push aside your fear of trying new things and do something crazy!

18. Consider adopting a pet.

Winter is approaching so shelters are looking to make more space for animals left out in the cold so they’re trying to push out animals they already have. We still have some time before then but it’s a great idea to bring in a little friend and get him/her situated before that time does come. This way you’re helping many other animals and you’ve earned a lifetime friend.

19. Warm a Homeless Person/ Prepare them for the cold

Other than stopping by the donation station at your local grocery store on your way out, perhaps you can put some effort into driving up to a shelter and sharing the warmth of a few cheap blankets. This could even happen while you’re on your way to school, work, or a night out. A good way to be prepared for a moment like this is to have a small bag in your vehicle leaving the handing out process much simpler and you’ll feel great at the end of the day!

20. Tune in to Fall Shows *spoiler alert*

We all want to know how Nina Dobrev’s character Elena leaves the Vampire Diaries if we completely missed the season when it aired on television and we’ll be sure to watch when Netflix releases Season 6 this fall. If you’re in a watching slump and you’ve put aside your Netflix account because there’s nothing interesting to watch, you’re in luck. Most of our favorite shows tend to release new episodes as early as September. It’s a good way to keep warm when the weather starts getting extra chilly and finally cozy up to the idea that yes, fall is here!

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