college radio day 2015

Why I Joined KTSW

by Daniela Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

college radio day 2015
Illustration by Bexo Castillo and Jasmyne Flores

Becoming a Bobcat was no easy task, but once integrated into the maroon and gold I came to find that there was more to attending Texas State than simply attending class. I managed to score not one, but two on-campus positions that simplified my life and rewarded me in the sense of personal happiness. Taking on a volunteer position at our university’s radio station, KTSW, was something I felt would be challenging in terms of balancing a schedule that wouldn’t leave me weary, but even on my bad days I find myself happy with being a part of such an amazing family. Not only have I met a group of very interesting people but by being accepted into the Web Content department, I’ve been challenged with a keep-up of weekly blog posts as well as fulfilling college radio standards to maintain the professionalism.

All of what has been required of me for my position as blog content contributor has truly not only been for the radio station itself, but as as an individual representative of what I am able to contribute as a creative source. It has given the privilege of having an outlet for blogging which would have otherwise probably not have been something that came so easily. Working for KTSW has provided the opportunity to experiment with my own writing and receive the constructive criticism needed to further improve that area in my life, which I can apply to a prospective professional interest.

Being a part of the KTSW community has also helped me develop my skills of being able to keep up with writing about relative things to society, while keeping the interest constant between my readers as well as myself for the practice. It’s a very different environment than the different on-campus position I hold and it really is more fulfilling than any regular job. If this were a job that would be an option for me in the future, I would sign up for it without question because it’s a welcoming and revealing experience. I feel like I belong here, despite all of the differences we express as individual characters, we share the same passion for continuing to be part of the KTSW family.

Working here at KTSW has been a great experience thus far that doesn’t fail to challenge me, and I would encourage anyone interested in gaining this type of experience to apply for the Spring semester – applications open October 5.. I wish the best of luck and hope to see you around so that you too can come to know #mySideofRadio.

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