police department

SMPD Ready for National Night Out

Marques Mingo
Assistant News Director

police department
Photo by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

National Night-Out is a program that brings awareness to neighborhood crime prevention and allows residents to discuss plans for their communities with city officials.

San Marcos and surrounding Hays county neighborhoods will host porch sittings, lights-on areas, and sponsor special events like block parties, cookouts, parades, and rallies.

Corporal Scott Johnson hopes residents expect a variety of activities along with a variety of San Marcos officials at this event saying “We’ll all meet up here around five o’clock and it’ll be fire, it’ll be dispatch, police, EMS, park rangers, city officials, the mayor, the city manager. Really anybody that wants to come out and they bring their families and we will have I think we have almost 20 different block parties around the city this year or within the city limit.”

Officials will break into different groups and spend the evening visiting block parties happening across the city. They will introduce themselves and answer any questions residents may have.

Corporal Johnson believes tomorrow’s event is a great way for residents to become familiar with the people who play such a big role in the city they live in, saying “It’s just a good way to interact and get people outside and familiar with really who’s kind of running your city, who’s out there providing those services that you depend on so much.”

National Night Out will take place on October 6th and for a full list of participating locations, visit the City of San Marcos website.

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