the lonely roller album

Steven A. Clark: The Lonely Roller Review

Artist: Steven A. Clark
Album: The Lonely Roller
Label: Secretly Canadian
Release Date: September 18

the lonely roller albumSteven A. Clark does an incredible job of making his R&B tone sound completely at home on his synth-based tracks. This album is an emotional journey through trials of love, both romantic and familial. Tracks like “Not You” show the extent of the vulnerability Clark allowed on the record. The raw emotions of rejection and doubt can be heard throughout his incredible vocals, taking us on a journey through the different stages of his relationships.

The last track of the album, “Young, Wild, Free” captures Clark’s niche as an artist. It uses his strong vocals to portray the twisted storyline and create a very dramatic picture. This seems to be Clark’s signature style, which will make him a very unique artist to watch as he climbs the ladder.

He will be heading out on a northern US tour in October and has released a video for “Can’t Have,” a single from his upcoming album:

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