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Three Simple Reasons I Could Never be an Educator

todayOctober 19, 2015 1

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Kalie Souknary
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People make being a teacher look so easy. If you’re in college, you probably have snapchat. And on that Snapchat, I’m sure a lot of you have friends who are in Education. It always looks so fun and easy. Coloring as a class?! Are you kidding me?! Let’s trade majors, please!

But as time goes on and the longer I’m in college, I start to realize: being a teacher would be miserable for
someone like me because I would probably rule my class with very mild Communism.

1.) I hate when people blurt things out.

Speaking out of turn is so annoying. Everyone is aware of that one person in class who ALWAYS has a story to tell, no matter what the subject is. They never raise their hand, they just blurt it out because they think it’s relevant. That would drive me insane.

First of all, Story Sally makes everyone else look bad because she doesn’t give anyone else a chance to talk. It makes the rest of us look like we’re refusing to participate, when really we just don’t want to be rude and interrupt another one of Sally’s insignificant stories that she just HAS to tell.

There is a reason we are taught to raise our hand in class and I have no idea why that rule isn’t as prominent in University.

2.) I hate when people have normal conversations in class.

I experienced this the other day. I usually sit in the middle of the class, so I’m not at the back or the front of the class. I’m right in the middle. And there was this couple behind me who were having a normal conversation with their normal-level voices for thirty minutes Usually, I try to ignore it and focus on the professor. But you know what makes that hard? when I can’t hear the professor. Eventually I turned around and asked them to stop talking and by this time there was only ten minutes left in class. They responded with, “Jesus, this class is almost over. Sit in front next time if you wanna hear everything.” And I said, “Or you can just not come to class if you’re going to talk the whole time. You’ve been talking for thirty minutes.”

I pay thousands of dollars to attend this school and hear what the professor has to say, not to sit in class and hear you talk about the drama going on your life. It’s rude not just to the professor to talk all throughout class, but also disrespectful to everyone around you to get in the way of hearing the professor. There shouldn’t be somewhere I have to sit front row to be able to hear him.

3.) I hate when people pack up early.

This is another thing that’s just straight up disrespectful. How would you feel if you were standing in front of a three-hundred person class and all of a sudden everyone is packing up over your lecture? I feel like that’s just self-explanatory but apparently not.

And the worst part is, most professors have something important to remember for next class and those students are the ones who end up emailing the professor because they didn’t hear it.

When it comes down to it, I feel like it’s a matter of manners. It’s a foundation problem. The manners they teach us in Kindergarten just eventually fade out. Salute to you, teachers, I could not do it. Your patience is outstanding.

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