Texas Tribune CEO Credits Millennials as Future of Journalism

Carlos Marquez
News Reporter

Taken by Carlos Marquez
Taken by Carlos Marquez

Texas Tribune Editor-in-Chief Evan Smith says that millennials control the future of Journalism. Smith was a guest speaker at Texas State University’s Mass Communication week, where he spoke to hundreds of students early yesterday morning. He credits millennials with making social networking a vital tool for Journalists. He also says that the most important crowd to aim stories at are in fact the millennials.

“The news industry will not survive without (millennials). I think you need to be constantly reading across platforms and be aware of the world around you.”

Smith also says that for students to become skilled journalists they have to be immersed in the news world. He says that they need to care about what’s going on in the world and be familiar with critical events and what they mean.

“Journalism is about telling people what’s going on and why it matters to (the consumer).”

Smith also said that diversity is very important in the news industry. Since the news industry is an international industry, it is important to have familiarity with other countries and their language. He says that diversity is actually a main factor in the success that industries achieve.

“I’m a believer in diversity in every way; especially in merit. Immigration policies and immigration issues, these things matter.”

Smith said that the future of Journalism belongs to our generation and that in terms of furthering innovation in the industry, journalists have to be “thinking about the next thing and the next thing”.

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