homecoming soapbox derby

Texas State Celebrates 48th Annual Homecoming Soapbox Derby

by. Marques Mingo
News Reporter

homecoming soapbox derby
Photo by Marques Mingo

Texas State University celebrated its longest running homecoming tradition this past Friday.

Since 1967, Texas State has hosted its annual Soapbox Derby where student organizations, Greeks and residence halls race homemade cars down a hill to win the coveted trophy.

This year’s event took place at the Family and Consumer Sciences Building parking lot where hay barricades were placed around the entrances in order to stop cars whose brakes were not strong enough.

“I was just trying to be confident in myself,” said Taylor Hoehne, First Place winner. “At the end, I kept seeing that car in my peripheral vision and I was just getting a little scared and I was trying to soak down into my car even smaller.”

In order for organizations to participate in the race, the Texas State student involvement office requires drivers to sign a liability waiver and have all cars checked for safety.

homecoming soapbox derby
Photo by Marques Mingo

“It was two weeks before soapbox, and then last week we had inspections,” said Alex Prayer, Texas State Pride and Traditions Chair. “As long as they passed that then they were allowed to come to the race. We inspected them at the race and then we just bought them up the ramp and they raced.”

The Agriculture Student Organization (ASA) won first place for the fourth year in a row. Hoehne said she is very confident her organization will win again, even though she is graduating.

A total of 16 organizations raced this year and the pride and traditions committee said they hope to see alumni and faculty drive in the upcoming 50th anniversary race in 2017.

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