Fuzz: II Review

By Troy Burke
Music Reviewer

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.13.16 PMArtist: Fuzz
Album: II
Label: In the Red
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Fuzz-424864160921258/

If you’ve ever wondered what Black Sabbath would sounds like with a Beatles twist thrown into it, then you should look no further than Fuzz. Their self-titled debut album came as a surprise to most people since Ty Segall was finishing up his album Sleeper a month before Fuzz was released. II is a more heartfelt album which Fuzz clearly took their time with instead of writing another jam album like the last one.

The opening track of II “Time Collapse II/The 7th Terror” gives the album a thematic start. Ty Segall’s drums stand out throughout the track but the show-stealing guitar of Charles Moothart shines in this track and never goes away.

As the album progresses Fuzz begins to find their groove as they start going through tracks seamlessly. Moothart’s guitar leads the way through tracks like “Let It Live” while Ty Segall’s voice compliments the refined proto-metal sound.

Fuzz has many proto-metal influences and the biggest is clearly Black Sabbath. It’s not out of the question to compare Segall’s vocals to early Ozzy but Segall has his own style. It sounds like something out of a nightmare if your nightmare also has a sweet soundtrack to bang your head to. It’s sinister and soul-soothing at the same time.

Progress has definitely been made from first album to second. The finished album is a great psychedelic trip as well as a head banger. Fuzz has taken listeners back to the early 70’s to the prime of early heavy metal. The only difference is the modern spin that the band gives to listeners. II is a solid album that seems to get better the more listens it gets.

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