Beat Connection: Product 3

Artist: Beat Connection
Album: Product 3
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Label: ANTI-records

Reviewed by Allison Belcher

Beat Connection, Product 3

Beat Connection, an electro-pop four piece band from Seattle, Washington is making its way to the better known parts of the chillwave world. Product 3, an album recorded over a three year long period, graces listeners with smooth synths and lively percussion. Beat Connection is the love child of Mayer Hawthorne and Odesza – producing unique and dreamy background melodies while maintaining a strong lyrical voice.

Product 3 is the album that will fulfill all of your musically inclined emotional needs – offering songs fit for either a solemn or upbeat mood. Beat Connection’s vibrant use of tropical sounding percussions strives to paint a pure, optimistic picture for its listeners, all without really trying.

“Air Conditioning” throws listeners for a loop, toning down the band’s usual use of exotic sounding percussions and instead offering a more solemn and soothing take on their music. The song acts as a sigh of relief, presenting itself as a brief intermission from Product 3’s more upbeat and optimistic songs.

Track number seven, “So Good”  wraps the entire album up, presenting fans with the best of both worlds when it comes to song pace. A moderate tempo and shimmering instrumentals is sure to spark interest in new listeners by representing all different elements of the band’s style, such as oriental instrumentals and tropical percussion.

In a musical world where electronic-pop is primarily focused on synths and digital computers, Beat Connection keeps it fresh with their oriental sounding rhythms and unique musical style, in turn truly living up to their name and making a connection with with their audience through their stellar beats.

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