Coach Harrington to Move Geisler to the Mound

By Matthew Hamill
Sports Reporter

Cory Geisler. Photo by Matthew Hamill.

While addressing the media in advance of the Spring 2016 Baseball season, Texas State Head Baseball Coach Ty Harrington announced a major change for one of his utility players entering his Senior season. Cory Geisler will move to the mound, and potentially start for Texas State.

“Cory’s a two way guy and we’re going to move him to the mound, and look at the idea of starting Cory,” Harrington said. “He’s relieved for us, he’s played center field for us, he’s been a two-way player for us.”

In 2015, Geisler played in 55 games as an outfielder and made 16 appearances on the mound for the Bobcats. As a pitcher Geisler had 26 strikeouts, 3 saves, and held opponents to a batting average of .252, good for second on the Bobcats pitching staff. Last season behind the plate Giesler was prolific with six home runs, 29 RBI’s and 58 hits.

Harrington said that ideally Geisler would start for the Bobcats on Sundays. If Geisler pitches on Sunday he would be able to play outfield on Friday and Saturday, pitch on Sunday, rest on Monday, and then potentially play Tuesdays. Harrington speculated that Geisler could also start for the ‘Cats on Tuesdays, just depending on the rotation.

Harrington said that Geisler’s competitive nature could lead the Bobcat Senior to other roles in the bull-pen.

“There’s still that outside possibility that because of his competitiveness, which he is, a great competitor,” Harrington said. “He may end up being the back-end guy too. He could roll right out of right field and here we go.”

Harrington said that he would also give the senior opportunities to play as the designated hitter in order to balance Geisler’s workload. Harrington said he will be cautious when it comes to finding that right balance, adding that it is a true challenge to try and prevent an injury to a player who does both pitch and hit.

As for Geisler, he said he feels great about his coach’s decision and will do whatever he can to help his team win.

“I want to do whatever this team needs me to do,” Geisler said. “I don’t care if I’m going to start, I don’t care if I’m going to come in relief, I don’t care if I’m going to close, play in the outfield. Whatever this team needs me to do, I’m going to do it. So it feels great.”

Whatever position he plays, Geisler said that he and his team want to win.

“Everybody in this organization, wants to win a championship, because it’s been so long.”

If everything goes according to plan with Coach Harrington’s rotation, Geisler’s first start on the mound could be Sunday, February 21st, against Washington State at Bobcat Ballpark.

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