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First Generation Students at Texas State Take On Immigration

By Kat Huerta
News Reporter

Immigration has been a long term battle in the United States. Families of undocumented individuals continue to fight for legalization of their loved ones however, parents and children are not the only ones being affected. First generation students feel unsettled after the Supreme Court decided to have a recent hearing over President Obama’s immigration executive decision to put a hold on deportations. We spoke to two first generation students here at Texas State, Abby Maldonado and Manrique Bonilla, to hear what they had to say about the issue.

Having the opportunity to pursue higher education has presented various obstacles for these students. Some have had to make more sacrifices than others but they continue to remain positive and look forward to a better future that their parents were unable to obtain in their homeland.

With all the sacrifices that have been made for these students, they feel more pressured to do great in school and be role models for their younger siblings. Their dreams to be successful and reach their ultimate goals increases their motivation to accomplish what their parents were not privileged to do.

Though their obstacles with immigration have been plentiful, they still remain proud of their culture.

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