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Hostile Terrain at Texas State University.


The Hostile Terrain 94 Exhibit: Tracking Migrant Deaths Across The Border

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor Hostile Terrain 94 is an interactive art exhibit currently held at the Texas State Galleries. The exhibit is a part of the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP) founded by anthropologist Jason De León. This project is focused on educating individuals and raising awareness of the realities of the U.S. border patrol. Since the border patrol policy “Prevention Through Deterrence” began in 1994, death is a daily […]

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A lady in a blue shirt holds a sign saying “never again is now.”


Lights for Liberty Vigil

By Juan Garcia and Arielle RaveneySenior and Junior News Reporter On Friday, immigrant reform organization Mano Amiga and local clergy hosted a candlelight vigil at the Hays County Historic Courthouse to express the community’s frustration with the treatment of immigrants at the migrant detention centers on the southern border as part of the Lights for Liberty international day of action. The Department of Homeland Security reports dangerous living conditions at […]

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An image of the mountains from a lookout at Big Bend National Park in Texas.


Thoughts on The Wall

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto Blog Content Contributor I was recently in Austin for a conference, and got the opportunity to see a screening of USA TODAY’s documentary The Wall. In short, USA TODAY created a not only a documentary, but a big collaborative project, to answer the question, “What would a border wall really look like?” in response to President Trump’s election promise of such a wall. Reporters and film crews […]

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An illustration of a border patrol holding papers in his hand with an American flag as the background.

Web Content

Immigration in America

By Rikki Yanez Assistant Blog Content Contributor In recent news, immigration is a controversial topic among politicians and the citizens of this country. You have those that are for it, against it, or somewhere in the middle. This topic, figuratively and literally, hits close to home for me and possibly most Texans from the Rio Grande Valley. Just recently videos have surfaced on the internet of multiple detention facilities in Brownsville […]

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Philosophy Mixed

Philosophy Mixed: DACA and Immigration

By Kimberly ClayProgram Director As a Hispanic-serving institution and a school with a large population of Latinx students, DACA and immigration policy impacts Texas State University, the faculty and students that call it home. For years, DACA has allowed undocumented students who were brought to the U.S. as children to get an education and start their careers. These DREAMers are now facing uncertainty about the future of their education and […]

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Community Demands the Release of Undocumented and Detained Victor Avendado-Rodriguez

By Camelia Juarez Assistant Director Local immigrant groups such as Mano Amiga and Wimberley Indivisible, as well as students from Wimberley High School and other members of the Hays County community, gathered at the Hays County Jail to make a public statement demanding undocumented immigrant, Victor Rodriguez, be released. According to Sheriff Gary Cutler’s press release, Rodriguez was stopped by Kyle police for a traffic violation on Jan. 30. Rodriguez […]

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Photo by jvoves via Flickr


First Generation Students at Texas State Take On Immigration

By Kat Huerta News Reporter Immigration has been a long term battle in the United States. Families of undocumented individuals continue to fight for legalization of their loved ones however, parents and children are not the only ones being affected. First generation students feel unsettled after the Supreme Court decided to have a recent hearing over President Obama’s immigration executive decision to put a hold on deportations. We spoke to […]

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2015 local elections


Party Politics Choses Texas State for Chalkboard Project

Carlos Marquez News Reporter Texas State University was chosen as the inaugural campus for the Chalkboard Campus tour that was launched by Party Politics in coordination with the Organization of Student Social Workers. According to Politics 365, Party Politics is a national organization that is based in Washington D-C that creates non-partisan ways to add fun to the political process without mention of political party. The chalkboard stayed on campus […]

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Bobcat Statue


Friday News Rundown (11-14-2014)

By Nestor Vazquez News Web Editor   Right now San Marcos is experiencing a cold front. Temperatures are expected to reach freezing lows tonight and the San Marcos Nature Center is anticipating it.  The Nature Center Coordinator Jenna Winters said she has been preparing for the freeze all day with her staff. “Our biggest concerns when it freezes like this is first of all all of the animals that are […]

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