Bobcat Radio Welcomes Championship Winning Track Coach

Hosted by Matthew Hamill, Tyler Williamson and Kyle Spencer

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Matthew, Tyler, and Kyle welcome the Jody Stewart, Director/Head Coach of the Texas State Track and Field team, after his Men’s track team took First Place in the Sun-Belt Indoor Championship earlier in the week.

The guys take an in depth look at the Men’s Basketball victory over Arkansas State, and discuss the impact that will have on the race for 8th in the Sun-Belt Conference Tournament. Matthew, Kyle and Tyler talk about what the Men’s team will have to do to reach the postseason.

The lads finalize their discussion about the Men’s victory, and play some highlights from the game. Then Matthew, Kyle and Tyler move on to the Women’s Basketball team and their tough loss to the Arkansas State, and play some tape from Coach Antoine after the game.

In the final segment, the guys take a break from Texas State sport to discuss Tyler’s beloved Houston Rockets and their recent struggles. Matthew and Kyle offer their suggestions for how the Rockets can correct their struggles, and show some love to the Spurs.

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