Homann-Martinez Disqualified From Student Government Race

News Department

After the results of Student Government President and Vice President were delayed from being announced last night, the Student Government Election Board have announced that candidates  Andrew Homann and Samantha Martinez have been disqualified.

PresidenThe disqualification comes following Homann-Martinez being found guilty of violating their campaign suspension, as a result of keeping their website available online, along with maintaining their campaign logos on Martinez’s social media, which is a direct violation of Election Code.

The original suspension of Homann-Martinez’s campaign occurred after the candidates were found guilty of receiving endorsements from chartered student organizations, which is against Election Code.

The document issued by the Student Government Supreme Court discloses the Election Board found Homann-Martinez guilty of failing to comply to Board orders, resulting in immediate disqualification of the candidates.

VP CandidatesHowever, the disqualification does not solidify Galo-Pavlicek as President and Vice President since Homann-Martinez plan to appeal the decision to the Student Government Supreme Court.

This story will be updated accordingly.

For more information about Homann-Martinez and Galo-Pavlicek, a full recap of the Student Government President and Vice President debate can be found online.

Last Updated: 4:15pm


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