Homann-Martinez Disqualified From Student Government Race

News Department After the results of Student Government President and Vice President were delayed from being announced last night, the Student Government Election Board have announced that candidates  Andrew Homann and Samantha Martinez have been disqualified. The disqualification comes following … Continue reading Homann-Martinez Disqualified From Student Government Race

Student Government Candidates Debate Covers Multiple Campus Issues

By Clayton Kelley News Reporter Many heated discussions such as campus diversity, gun safety, and student involvement were brought up at the 2016 Student Government debate. Each candidate brought something new to the table and remained strongly convicted in enforcing … Continue reading Student Government Candidates Debate Covers Multiple Campus Issues

Lauren Stotler. Photo from star.txstate.edu

Student Government Election Results

by DaLyah Jones KTSW News Story aired February 2015     The Texas State Student Government recently held their presidential election and newly elected president Lauren Stotler is morethan happy with the results. Stotler says she can’t wait to take her newly elected positions because she has many plans for the organization. “One of the first things that I want to do is … Continue reading Student Government Election Results

Daily News Recap (2-5-15)

By Erin Pollack Web Editor U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to find a peaceful solution to end the continuing conflict in Ukraine. Kerry met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev today and said if Russia took three steps that it would enable a diplomatic solution. According to CNN Kerry said those steps include pulling back heavy weapons beyond the range of civilian populations, removing foreign troops and heavy equipment from Ukraine and closing the Russia-Ukraine border. Kerry also said that weapons like rockets were crossing the border from Russia, which was a breach of a peace … Continue reading Daily News Recap (2-5-15)

Tuesday News Rundown (10-14-14)

By Emily Parma Assistant Web Content Manager Last night the Texas State Student Government impeached a senator from office due to violations of student code. The entire process started last week. Senator Nadar Rady has now been impeached from office and disqualified from ever holding office again. Today is the first of two public meetings by the City of San Marcos’ Planning and Development Services for input on the city’s community development block grant program. The input is being used for the 2015-2019 Community Development Block Grant Consolidated Plan. Community Initiatives Administrator Janis Hendrix said a survey is available online to get … Continue reading Tuesday News Rundown (10-14-14)