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22 Ways my 22nd Birthday was Different from the 21st

todayMarch 2, 2016 35

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By Brandon Deleon
Blog Content Contributor

Photo by Joey Gannon via Flickr
Photo by Joey Gannon via Flickr
  1. I became a year “older.”
  2. If you have a pro-life stance, then I’m technically closer my 23rd birthday, which is definitely not my 21st birthday!
  3. I became a year “wiser.”
  4. I am now one year closer to the inevitable journey that some call “death”.
  5. There was no cake (which was a good thing.)
  6. I woke up crying realizing that none of my birthdays will ever be a rite of passage again until I’m 30 and people are saying “You’re old now.” Then when I’m 40 and people are saying “Okay, now you’re really old, but you look great!”, and when I’m 50, people will be saying “Hey, 50 is the new 30! Have you considered uploading your brain to the DataSphere™ yet?”
  7. Considering the fact that none of my birthdays will ever be celebrated for becoming a year older while still in “youth,” I feel like I’m one again and that “life” is finally starting.
  8. I “practiced abstinence.”
  9. My hair was definitely longer because I haven’t had a haircut since I was 20.
  10. Graduation and all the depressing, anxiety-inducing thoughts about being a ~real-man~ are in my head as opposed to how many bars I’m gonna go to.
  11. According to evolutionary psychology, and the culturally universal findings that “women want older men,” I have become sexier by default.
  12. When I turned 21, I thought “Yeah, it’s about time. I definitely feel 21.” But now I feel 16 again, like how I used to refer to my mental age back when I was 20.
  13. I thought I could definitely write a blog about how average turning 22 feels.
  14. Instead of feeling grateful about being able to drink in public, mixed with feelings of remorse that it’s not a right allowed to 18 year olds, I felt grateful to be living another year in general.
  15. It was the least celebratory birthday yet, and I hope it sets a trend for birthdays without expectation (I’m more of a regular day guy.)
  16. I did 50 push-ups which I’m really sure I didn’t do on my 21st birthday.
  17. I watched the finale to a competition reality show about food trucks.
  18. I felt inspired to run a food truck business.
  19. I contemplated how I would brand my food truck.
  20. I kept up with the presidential election race, which would have been impossible to do on my 21st birthday considering how early it was in the race.
  21. I went to my History and Theory of Psychology class, a course that I hadn’t even completed the prerequisites for when I turned 21!
  22. As usual, the number of people who said happy birthday to me on Facebook went down, but I don’t care because the joy of not having posts on my wall from people that I haven’t thought about or spoken to in years lifted me up, more than the obligatory “You’re 21 now! GO DRINK!” posts.

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