Spring Break in NOLA

By Helen Wang
Blog Content Conributor

NOLASpring break is right around the corner. If you don’t feel like doing the regular South Padre scene but still want to travel somewhere, New Orleans is a good destination to look into. The drive is a little over 8 hours from San Marcos, so make sure you have a good group of friends with an awesome road trip play list.

Bourbon Street is practically one big party by itself with no drinking hour limitations and you can walk just about anywhere carrying your alcoholic beverage, something you definitely can’t do in Texas. New Orleans is known for its creole Cajun style cuisine so if you are a foody, this place is like heaven on earth. A lot of places have deals going as cheap as 50 cents per oyster! Not to mention all the crawfish, gumbo, and other seafood goodness you can find just about anywhere around this city.


During the day, you can visit the French Quarter and see all of the musical street performances the city has to offer. There are also many activities you can go on, such as the ghost and vampire tour, which is a two-hour adventure that takes you on the paranormal legends and history of the city. If that’s too creepy for your style, then you can take the popular Steamboat Natchez tour, a two hour cruise from the French Quarter that shows you all of New Orleans history from back in the day when cotton was a huge impact on the city. There are many cruises like this you can take, such as the jazz dinner cruise, to a tour of the swamp if you want to look for alligators.

The Audubon Zoo, one of the top zoos in the country, is also in New Orleans. In this zoo you’ll encounter white tigers, elephants, jaguars, flamingos, zebras, lions, and many more. So whatever your style of fun is, there is probably a tour of that in New Orleans.

The nightlife is also pretty extensive, from pubs, to karyoke bars, to casinos. It can be one of the hardest party cities that never sleeps or one of the nations earliest cities all in the same place.

From it’s relaxed drinking laws, to cheap drinks, to the lack of bar closing times, New Orleans is a great place for a spring break destination if you are tired of the beach.

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