Spring Practice Begins for Bobcat Football

By Eddie Lerma
Sports Reporter

SAN MARCOS, TX — Texas State’s new head football coach, Everett Withers, started his spring practice with a lot of energy and the atmosphere could not be more exciting. The first spring practice for this Bobcat team was also the first time that Withers and his new coaching staff had seen any of the players handling a ball. The beginning of spring training also allowed any junior college transfers to play alongside their new teammates as well.

Photo by Eddie Lerma.

When asked about sophomore long-snapper Inoke Langi playing in the tight end position, Withers says that it’s important  “to find a role for everybody, we are always talking about adding value to our football team.”

Langi and others will not only be playing one position but will need to adapt to playing other positions as well. The first practice concluded with one very important point thus far, there is an open competition at every position. Withers kept expressing that he hasn’t seen any of his players with a football yet, including the quarterbacks. In regards to the progress of his first practice Withers stated, “like any first day of spring practice with a new team, it was not very good, ugly and looked like a 3-9 team.”

The offense and defense both had energetic practices. There is major differences in how this football team has prepared physically and is very distinct from previous seasons. The emphasis of the strength and conditioning program is about being football-ready. This means that the main goal is not entirely focused on how much a player benches but about strengthening the areas needed to play division I football. “Everything that we do has a purpose and has a football purpose about it,” said Withers.

Withers and his staff are now seeking for the players who can become leaders of this team. There are now fourteen practices left, which gives Withers time to search for playmakers that are willing to step-up to help build his new dynasty.

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