Changes Abound For Bobcats This Season

By Charles Reyna
KTSW Sports Contributor

Photo by Charles Reyna.
Photo by Charles Reyna.

The Bobcat football team is starting preparation for their spring game coming up on April 9th. Coach Everett Withers set the tone before practice started by making his players re-enter the field after they walked into practice with no emotion, hype or attitude. Some major changes this season will take place with the running backs and linebackers.

With the loss of leading rusher Robert Lowe to graduation, the biggest question heading into the season will be who will take over that premier running back position. Running backs coach, Ron Antoine says, “In a one-­back system where the back has to run and protect, he’s got to run and be physical. All those guys form the starting running back to the fourth­-string running back are going to be expected to be apart of our special teams.”

The biggest change on defense is the scheme they will be running. They are going from the 4­-2-­5 to the 3-­4. Assistant head coach and linebackers coach John Wiley on the transition on defense, “Some of the younger coaches told me that they made the transition midseason, the biggest change to these guys is the way Withers is running the program more so than being scheme related.”

The mood around the football team is excitement and potential. One thing Withers has preached is performance off the football field. He ended practice with rewarding the men who performed well in the classroom. He is not only trying to turn these guys into outstanding football players, he is trying to create young, successful men.

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