MR Fest Artist Profile: The Hecklers

By Tre Simmons
Music Journalist

The hecklers
Photo via The Hecklers Band.

Beginning in 2013, Cody Boyer (drums,) Eefer Nuncio (guitar/vocals,) and David Loftin (bass/drums) formed The Hecklers. They released an EP (Dew On the Grass in the Mornin) and an album (Loverboys & Wanderer) back to back in the following years.

Their sound is indebted to a small dose of the flower power folk of the ‘60s mixed with the clean harmonies and bass/guitar lines of early rock ’n’ roll. The way both vocalists and the instruments behind them combined paints a picture of a lovely day spent wandering through the flora of a sun-drenched meadow, and the lyrical matter of their songs match or juxtapose this cheery image with equal capability in both realms. To prove this, look no further than “Vagrant” and “Always” on their excellent EP, and get ready to come support them at MR Fest.

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