MR Fest Artist Profile: Grid Squid

By Kendra Sells
Hip-Hop Journalist

Photo courtesy of Grid Squid.
Photo courtesy of Grid Squid.

Grid Squid is responsible for hosting popular hip-hop events held monthly throughout San Marcos like Will Sing For Coffee at Wake the Dead Coffee House and Boom Baps and Daps at Triple Crown. They also host an alternative rock show called The Wild Rumpus held at Gold Crown. Grid Squid is a staple to San Marcos hip-hop culture, providing opportunities for artists of all backgrounds to join, meet, collaborate and perform.

The dynamic group consists of a crew from San Marcos as well as a crew out of New Orleans. San Marcos members include: SymmaTree, Kazee Queen, Joy and CA The Commoner. New Orleans crew is: AK1, The Miles in These Shoes, The Commonwealth and Swiper. SymmaTree and CA the Commoner are members of Texas State’s Hip Hop Congress. Each member brings their unique flows together to generate fun, meaningful and timeless hip-hop.

Grid Squid offers personal and insightful lyrics atop old school beats, providing a retro and nostalgic side to music that is rarely created. The group cherishes an intimate, friendly vibe at their performances and will be blessing the stage at this upcoming MR Fest.

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